Avengers Age of Ultron: TYF Staff Assemble for Discussion on the Marvel Event Film


With Avengers: Age of Ultron finally in theaters in the United States with a solid $188 Million opening weekend, it’s to be anticipated that the film is talked about at length among us here on The Young Folks staff. So, we organized a four person chat of two mega-Marvel Fans, and two more casual fans.

It should be pretty obvious that through Evan, Jon, Kev and Melissa’s conversation, there’s some deep SPOILER talk here about this Avengers sequel, and potential spoilers of comic plots that may or may not mean anything later on, so you have been warned, True Believers!


First Reactions

Jon: So what was everyone’s reaction to the film?

Kev: RiRi’s BBHMM. This film’s excessive action made me feel that.

Evan: I think my first text to my brother was something along the lines of “SEGSFDHRSTHAFHTAHGSAERATRESHA RGAGSDGGSDHAG ARDBSB”

Melissa: I was falling asleep… But that could mean I didn’t get enough sleep the night before. It was entertaining enough.

Jon: I thought it was too much like the first one, and that lasted the impact of it.

Melissa: How are they still dealing with the problem of not being connected??

Evan: My reaction after a few minutes of talking and thinking made me go “Wait, all I’m doing is thinking about future movies and character stuff that was set up here, in the movie  I waited 3 years for anyway” 

Whedon Deaths

Kev: So who cried when Scarlett got stood up? I did.

Jon: I didn’t. I didn’t like the fact that they had to have some romantic angle in it.

Kev: The first 50 minutes were actually more entertaining then the first, but from there were some missteps that turned me away.

Melissa: I didn’t cry at all.

Evan: Were we supposed to cry?

Jon: I feel like they glossed over Quicksilvers death, like it was nothing. I have a feeling he’ll be back soon.

Evan: I agree. Especially because he has a contract for multiple movies. 

Kev: I mean, his last hurrah was sort of meh. Like just being nice to Hawkeye after being a major dick to him a lot before… sort of typical for me.

Evan: I loved Aaron Taylor Johnson through the movie. Puts that one set piece in X-Men to shame, and his facial expressions made me laugh out loud every time. I felt like his death was an obligatory “Whedon” thing where people may have expected a Hawkeye death instead. 

Hawkeye and Banner/Natasha

Hawkeye-Avengers-Age-of-Ultron (1)Jon: Speaking of Hawkeye, I liked how he was basically the hero of the entire film. He character finally got fleshed out and given depth.

Kevin: Linda Cardellini threw me off at the house. Such a recognizable face, not a recognizable name, unless you watch Grey’s Anatomy.

Evan: I feel like Hawkeye’s power after this movie is just putting up with bullshit in a way other heroes cant. 

Jon: In an almost superhuman capacity.

Evan: …but introducing him as a vulnerable guy with a family makes me think of the way he is in the comics too, especially the current Marvel Now run by Matt Fraction.

Kev: I wonder how many Hawk-Widow fan-people were disappointed in the end…

Melissa: I would have liked that more than her and Hulk.

Jon: They’re just setting it up for her to get with Winter Soldier, like she does in the comics.

Kev: I can see that Jon, considering Sebastian Stan got a nine movie contract to Evans’s 3.

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