Album Review : “Wilder Mind” Mumford and Sons


It feels like just yesterday I was crying over Mumford and Son’s announcement about going on a hiatus. Thankfully for us, they couldn’t live without making great music and so, we have a new album to enjoy.

My favorite thing about Mumford and Sons is Marcus Mumford’s incredible voice. When he sings, I just believe anything he says. He has this different kind of raspy voice and the special thing about it is, the band uses 0 auto tone, so we really get to hear the voice—real and raw.

Overall, I have to say “Wilder Mind” was a little different than the other Mumford albums but it still stays true to it’s roots. For those that don’t know, or may have not noticed, a lot of music created by the band is very spiritual—some would say religious. The 2nd song on the album, Believe, focuses on faith. The cool thing is though, it could be about love and relationships too. I love when a band could create a song about a specific subject and make it universal. “I don’t even know if I believe, everything you’re trying to say to me, so open up my eyes, tell me I’m alive.”

One thing this album was lacking was the folk aspect of it, which was a tiny bit disappointing. However, I think this album focused on vocals a lot, instead of instruments and a specific genre and I liked that about it. I also appreciated the fact that the band wanted to take a different route—a more rock type of route. I appreciate when an artist can be themselves in their music, no matter what people may think or how people may compare new music to old music.

Tompkins Square Park is a love song that will break your heart. Marcus sings to the girl he loves about how it’s over and he wants to hold her one last time. He wants to tell her he’s sorry and explain to her that nothing lasts forever and that he never meant to hurt her. It’s beautiful and one of my favorite songs on the album. Marcus’s voice is haunting and the lyrics are poetic, so much so that you can play the story out in your head—a man holding a woman in Tompkins Square Park.

“Oh babe, meet me in Tompkins Square Park. I wanna hold you in the dark. One last time, just one last time.”

The Wolf was one of the singles to come out from this album and I could see why because it’s super catchy and metaphoric. This song is very much the epitome of what Mumford and Sons is seemingly trying to do with this album—change their genre to that of a rock band, like I mentioned before. Again, the meaning of the song is difficult to interpret and very metaphorical but it’s one of my favorites and I’m having fun Googling different meaning interpretations.


I loved the songs on the album that really highlighted on vocals. So when I heard Broad-Shouldered Beasts, I immediately loved it without listening to the lyrics. The beat is a lot slower and a lot less rock-y. Then I really paid attention to the lyrics, and the way Mumford sings them, and it became a realization of the heartbreaking beauty. It’s one of those that you kinda just have to listen to, to understand.

“So I took you to the city for the night. To dance under dizzy silver lights but for a moment, you were wild with abandon like a child, just a moment.”


Favorite lyrics from other songs

Ditmas: “And so I cry, as I hold you for the last time in this life. This life I tried so hard to give to you. What would you have me do?”

Wilder Mind: “Beholden now I find myself awake, waiting on the edge again. You sleep so sound with your mind made up. Drinking from your cup of broken ends. But I thought we believed in an endless love”

Just Smoke: “I thought we fell to the ground, I see you whimper with no sound. Open my mouth to breath some words of peace but the silence gives nothing back to me”

Monster: : “Yours is the face, that makes my body burn and here is the name that our sons will learn: Cast the beauty, cast the queen, Cast the beauty, leave me”

Snake Eyes: “It’s in the eyes I can tell, you will always be danger. We had it tonight, why do we always seem absolution?”

Cold Arms: “But in my cold arms you don’t sleep, in my cold arms your fear beats In my cold arms you stay”

Only Love: “And I hunger and I thirst for some shiver, for some whispered words and the promise to come”

Hot Gates: “And I can’t be for you all of the things you want me to, but I will love you constantly.”

Overall, the only thing I really missed from this album was the lack of that alternative/folk aspect but to be completely honest, the songs were to great to care. I’ve always said I wish I could go back to the era when music consisted of vocals, instruments and literally nothing else. This does that for me.



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    Absolutely agree. i’m lovin it as well!