Album Review: OneRepublic – “Oh My My”


OneRepublic’s music continues to progress over the years and only gets better and better. It’s really hard to pin down what exact genre these guys fall under because they’re constantly evolving and changing the shape of their sound. As they continue to explore and dive deeper into their craft, they tell their own unique story that’s taken them to fascinating wonders of the world.

Infused with electronic, pop and rock, Oh My My is the perfect blend of culture, storytelling and sound. As the band has mentioned, Oh My My is their most adventurous album to date due to a multitude to different reasons. After traveling around the world, the band developed this 16 track album that captured the cities they’ve visited and the memories they’ve made. It’s hard to figure out where the band will go next with their music and its direction but regardless, they continue to remain on top of the charts and produce hit after hit.  

Before the album’s full release, OneRepublic released two songs that gave listeners a taste of the album. And oh my my was it definitely worth it. OneRepublic’s lead singer, Ryan Tedder, says that the band’s first song from the album, “Wherever I Go” made him a little hesitant. During an interview with, Ryan Tedder says that “Wherever I Go” is more of an appetizer to them album; it isn’t meant to represent Oh My My’s collective sound. The song is so new and different than previous music they’ve released. The song has a very pop and upbeat vibe that you can’t help but dance to. OneRepublic continues to explore unknown territory which proves to be a good and healthy challenge and who doesn’t love a good challenge?

The “Wherever I Go” music video visually captures the vibrant and colorful fun that’s embedded in the Asian culture. From the choreographed dance moves to the eye catching fashion, the video is quirky and fun and is only one stop in OneRepublic’s worldly adventures.

The next song OneRepublic released prior to their full album release was their track “Kids” which immediately became one of my favorites. The track has a positive, carefree vibe which reminded me of their older track “Good Life”. But compared to “Good Life” and it’s carefree ways, “Kids” has a laid back pop beat that has an underlying smooth groove that’s carried throughout the whole tune. 

On a visual standpoint, it’s interesting to see how these two tracks not only sound different but look VERY different than their older music.

These two songs already hyped me up for their full album to come out and it was definitely worth the wait. Oh My My begins with a powerhouse track that’s a mix of folk and rock. “Let’s Hurt Tonight” starts off a little slow with the acoustic guitar and Ryan Tedder’s vocals. The track brings forth images of the open road, one that’s endless where you can see mountains in the background. It’s the perfect track  to start a cross-country road trip with, having OneRepublic’s vibrant (surprisingly folk-like vibe) lead the way. 

In a world that’s easy to look at the negatives and become bleak, OneRepublic’s next track gives way to a ray of sunshine that every music listener should get behind on. “Future Looks Good” highlights the upbeat piano keys that give the song its foundation while the band layers on with drums, guitar and auxiliary percussion. “You are the future and the future looks good” continues to be chanted throughout the chant and I can’t help but smile and feel good every time I listen to this song. The sense of optimism and hope is contagious.

Once you think you know where the album is going, OneRepublic immediately surprise you with a pop funk track. Their title track “Oh My My” features Cassius and has a sexy undertone that’s provided by combining Ryan Tedder’s edgy vocals with Cassius’ electronic funk groove.

Electronic music continues to be a popular genre and OneRepublic wasn’t afraid to test the waters with this sound. Another electronic collaboration in the album was between them and Peter Gabriel. “A.I.” Lyrically, I don’t care much for the song but the beat is what truly drives the song and is why I have it on repeat. The futuristic vibe definitely carries through and it’s just a nice song to dance to.

Their track “NbHD” was a collective effort done with Santigold. The song has a light kick drum beat that’s carried throughout the track and it has this nice urban vibe that’s clearly present in the song. Santigold provides the song with a nice set of smooth, indie vocals that mixes well with Ryan Tedder’s edgy sound. I’m happy to see a few collaborations on this album as it provides the album with a different set of sounds and flavor. 

The band closes out the album is one of my personal favorites from the album, “Heaven”. “Heaven” is such an euphoric song that has that awe moment you get during the golden hour of the day as you watch the sunset in your city. As one who is from the Bay Area, I just picture driving and seeing the golden gate bridge in the distance as the sun goes down. This song has so much potential catching the attention of the radio stations and catching some air waves (which I hope it does).

Oh my my OneRepublic, you guys have definitely outdone yourselves. (Gotta love puns!) But in all seriousness, the album was solid throughout. Though this may be the album where I have to listen to their songs a few times until it really sinks in and I can fully enjoy it, I still enjoyed the album nonetheless. Oh My My is so different and collectively shows how brave and adventurous the band is and how far they’ve come in their music career thus far. OneRepublic continues to be versatile and mold their sound to whatever their liking even if it means taking the road less traveled. Their different and continue to push boundaries and make waves in the music industry. 

Rating: 8/10

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