5 Directors for the live action Mulan


With it recently being released that Disney’s live action Mulan is getting a 2018 release date with a worldwide search taking place for a Chinese actress to tackle the leading role of the titular heroine, it’s time to try to (or try not to) get excited about who they’re going to choose to helm the film. Kenneth Branagh did wonders with 2015’s delightful Cinderella while Robert Stromberg’s Maleficent hinted at stronger themes but failed to innovated visually with only Angelina Jolie standing out among the distastefully cartoonish designs. The vision for these live action adaptations are everything with source material near and dear to many viewers that have already been transformed into largely some beautiful films (mainly the animation-the gender politics of many are for another discussion). Mulan didn’t just break Disney barriers for it’s fierce depiction of a female lead but also for allowing that lead to be a Chinese woman, something the studio had yet to do up until it’s 1998 release. The footsteps left are big ones to fill and whatever director comes aboard will have to marry the films Disney friendly tone with their own personal style and hands on approach. The story is gripping enough on it’s own but it’s needs a strong visual eye to guide it along into something just as great, if not better, than the original.

Take a peak at the slideshow to take a look at my picks and let us know who you’d choose to direct the picture.

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