5 Alternative Songs for the Summer

getluckySummer music is always about songs with great beats, fast paced melodies, and lyrics that tell the tale of going out, sitting by a fire, or living some sort of freedom that only summer can bring. This summer we’ve heard the sexy and dancy “Blurred Lines,” the party anthem “Can’t Hold Us,” the infectious and disco-infused “Get Lucky,” and the almost-too catchy, country and hip-hop pairing of Florida Georgia Line and Nelly, with their hit, “Cruise.”

These songs are all upbeat and Top 40 all-stars, which can become a fatal pairing. The once enjoyable summer anthems become overplayed. If you need a break from the Top 40 for a little while or are looking for some alternative summer music, check out the tunes below!

If you like the techno-vibe of Icona Pop’s “I Love It” try Grouplove’s new single, “Ways to Go”

Grouplove is no stranger to the Top 40; their song “Tounge Tied” was so well received that Ryan Murphy had the gang cover it on Glee! “Ways to Go” is just as fun, eccentric, and upbeat as both “Tounge Tied” and “I Love It.” “Ways to Go” is the first single off of Grouplove’s forthcoming album, Spreading Rumours.

If you like the disco inspiration in “Get Lucky” try Mayer Hawthorne’s “Your Easy Lovin’ Ain’t Pleasin’ Nothing”
Mayer Hawthorne’s “Your Easy Lovin’ Ain’t Pleasin’ Nothing” puts you in a good mood while channeling the 60’s and 70’s vibes of Barry White and The Supremes. It’s a refreshing take on soul music and while it differs from “Get Lucky,” it’s just as unique.

If you like the country sound of  “Cruise” you may want to check out The Avett Brothers’  “Laundry Room.” 
The Avett Brothers are a great band. Their music takes country to the next level and that twangy, down-home level is commonly known as bluegrass. Even if you don’t like the banjo or that southern feel, give The Avett Brothers a try. Their music is heart-felt and full of beautiful harmonies. “Laundry Room” is the tale of a naïve but hopeful young romance. This song is a perfect backing track for a fleeting summer love.

If you like Phillip Phillip’s “Gone” check out Green River Ordinance’s “It Ain’t Love”
Phillip Phillps is a little bit country and a little bit pop rock. His music tones down the bluegrass influence and keeps the music light and fun. Green River Ordinance’s “It Ain’t Love” has the same feel. It has a foot-stomping beat and the music video paints a portrait of the perfect summer evening.

The Mowgli’s “San Francisco” is nothing like “Blurred Lines”
“San Francisco” features an energetic gang vocal section coupled with lively brass music. It’s an adorable song about love, so nothing like “Blurred Lines,” but they’re both great summer songs to sing and dance around to.

What are your favorite tunes for the summer?

Michaela is a 21-year old Buckeye, YA literature enthusiast, music snob, and English major. She usually sums up her feelings using Spotify playlists, celebrities’ tweets, and long-winded journal entries. If she had to describe herself using 3 TV characters she would answer: the feminism and general kindness of Lady Sybil, the sarcastic humor and nerdy-ness of Ben Wyatt, and Mindy Lahiri’s eye for style. And a dash of Landry Clarke for good measure. Contact her at michaela@theyoungfolks.com
  • Brianna

    Mayer Hawthorne's latest album has been on repeat during my summer.

    • Michaela

      Ah! I'll have to go check it out! I've been listening to his older stuff for a while and wasn't even aware of his new album!

  • Deborah

    I have been enjoying the Lana Del Rey, "Summertime Sadness" and The Jezabels, "Endless Summer". I especially enjoy these now, as my summer is coming to its end.

    • Michaela

      They sound like amazing songs! I've definitely heard the Lana Del Ray tune, and I agree, it's a definite end of summer song. I'll definitely check out "Endless Summer." Thanks for your comment!

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