VG Weekly: This Week’s Round-up of Video Gaming News

The Playstation Blog announced last week that if you pick up a special release of SOCOM 4, you’ll get early access to the Resistance 3 multiplayer beta.  SOCOM 4 will be released on April 19. If you want to ensure your copy of  the multiplayer beta, reserve SOCOM 4.  The Playstation Blog didn’t release any information about the beta at all. We will probably hear more about the Resistance 3 beta down the road. If you want to read the full announcement in its entirety, visit here.

Bethesda Soft Works is going to release a huge patch for Fallout 3 New Vegas. The patch will be for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. This patch will fix the game from crashing all the time and will fix the performance of the game to make it more stable.  The patch has no determined date today, but I have good news that following this patch will come a new add-on.  For more information about this upcoming patch, visit

Valve’s new and highly anticipated Portal 2 is going to be released on April 19th. You can now preorder the game at the Steam store and preload it. So when it’s officially released, you can play it right away.  For those who don’t know what Portal 2 is,  it’s a first person action/puzzle game that takes place in Half Life universe, and you control a person named Chell. You go through a series of tests in some kind of robotic facility. The player has to navigate through various puzzles from crossing a bottomless pit to using wormholes to get to the other side. Portal 2 introduces a co-operative  play so a buddy and you can go around  do various puzzles. For more information about Portal 2 Visit Portal

Bethesda’s highly anticipated first person shooter Brink has its release date moved from May 17th to May 10th. Brink will be releasing for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. The game takes place in post-apocalyptic world. Where there is dwindling resources and factions are fighting over those resources for survival. Brink is like a fresh face in first person shooter market with all the Call of Duty lookalikes. Brink adds a new sliding feature which the player can power slide while shooting which is very unique and also, adds parkour type movements for the player. So they can jump off walls and do crazy shit like that.  The game will feature weapon and character customization. For more information about Brink, visit

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