TYF @ PAX East Days 2 & 3

PAXEast2016LogoWelcome back to my coverage of this year’s Penny Arcade Expo in Boston, Massachusetts. On Saturday and Sunday, I really got my nose down to the grindstone and discovered just how much more immersive and less nauseating the PAX experience is when you have a set schedule for yourself. However, this was also greatly helped by the possession of a media badge and contact information to play games by appointment. This aspect of the Expo made me appreciate the infinite knowledge of PAX’s Enforcers, and the patience and friendliness of attendees for standing, sitting and waiting for their favorite games, personalities and cool free swag. As a result of my insane over-planning, our TYF @ PAX experience for Saturday was packed to the brim with indie games. So. Many. Indie. Games. So I’m covering the highlights here. Sunday had a few more high profile titles by Square Enix and Suda51, but we’ll see that page when we get to it.

To catch up on what happened on Friday, check out the first post here!

Below is our TYF @ PAX Experience video, in which you can see a glimpse of the interview and demo content we had over the course of the weekend, so please check it out! It also features music by my friends Tommy Rodricks and Marcus Seletsky, as well as a track from The Protomen‘s live concert.

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