PlayStation 4 Trailer Roundup


Sony had a lot of guest speakers last night at their press conference. They even showed off several videos of their own. PlayStation is throwing down the gauntlet, garnering support from a huge list of third party developers. Here’s a list of must-see trailers from the night’s event.


Watch Dogs (Ubisoft)

Watch Dogs premiered at E3 this past summer, creating a huge buzz throughout the industry. Ubisoft hopes to explore the possibilities of total control in a world where “everything is connected.” No doubt we’ll be seeing a lot more information from Ubisoft in the coming months.


Deep Down (Capcom)

Deep Down looks to be a familiar monster hunting game, complete with dragons of course. All signs point toward a sequel for the recently acclaimed Dragon’s Dogma. The selling point for this new title will be how well local and online play integrate with the overall cooperative experience. This trailer also shows off some of those next gen graphics that everyone’s been waiting for.


Killzone: Shadow Fall (Guerrilla Games)

We all new it was coming, so it shouldn’t be that surprising. Guerrilla games is preparing another installment of the Killzone franchise to debut on the PS4. Taking place 30 years after the events of the original trilogy (which concluded on PS3) both the Helghast and Vektans live alongside one another, and you can be sure that tensions are very high.


DriveClub (Evolution Studios)

From the develop that brought us the Motorstorm franchise comes the  vision of DriveClub. Centered around realistic, team based racing, DriveClub lets you get behind the wheel of some of the fastest and most unique cars around. They are modeled with such sophisticated detail that even the fabric on the interior of the car responds and changes dynamically when the player touches it. Evolution has clearly stated that they aim to have the entire game be played through a first person point of view, lending to the realism of the simulator.


Infamous: Second Son (Sucker Punch)

Sucker Punch brings us another Infamous title, this time hinting at the possibility of multiple heroes and villains throughout the game. With all of the various super powers for the studio to choose from, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of fancy new particle effects from the game. We’ll have to wait and see if this new installment brings with it any changes to gameplay or design.


Knack (Sony Santa Monica)

This quirky new title is one of Sony’s new in-house IPs. It takes the power of the PS4 and shows that even cartoons and games that aren’t photo-realistic can look gorgeous with the added processing power. This game takes advantage of how many objects can be rendered on screen at one time, with Knack being made up of hundreds of tiny objects that morph into various limbs. In his self titled debut, Knack is made by humans, created to fight against the goblin race that threatens their existence.


The Witness (Jonathan Blow)

From the creator of the critically acclaimed game Braid comes a new puzzle adventure entitled The Witness. This game has been announced before but it has now been confirmed that it will be making its debut on the PlayStation 4. This game aims to pack as much content as possible into a single, compact open world environment, giving the player the ability to jump from one experience to another in a matter of steps. I can also already say that I’m interested in the game’s soundtrack.

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  • I'm hyped for Watch Dogs! I wonder how much next-gen games will end up costing; Amazon listed Watch Dog's pre-order price at $99.99 (placeholder price though).

    • That's a very good question that neither Sony nor Microsoft has addressed recently. Wii U games retail for both $50 and $60. I don't expect PS4 or 720 games to make a jump in price if they want to stay competitive. I just foresee a lot more developers going the season pass route with predetermined DLC packages.