Music News: The Juliana Theory reissue lost B-Side “Slowly Flying Solo”

Returning with a B-Side in honor of the tenth-anniversary reissue of their last album, The Juliana Theory are back…in theory. Above you hear “Slowly Flying Solo” the first of four B-Sides from the bands 2005 Deadbeat Sweeheartbeat. The fine folks over at Mind Over Matter are issuing a two-pound tenth-anniversary reissue on LP. You can pre-order it now and you’d be crazy not too! A four-foot pull out piece of artwork, printed lyric sheet and the best part of it all is the screen-printed slip cover. Here is one of the songs lead singer Bret Deter calls one of the four pillars of the album “This is a Love Song For the Loveless”

But William, why would I order this quarter inch thick LP for a band I’ve never heard of? Well first of all if you’re a collector this is one to have as the release is limited to 500. More importantly than that though is that the songs contained within the release are fantastic. These Pennsylvanian lads put out 4 studio album and one EP with the first two of these being released on the mostly Christian Alternative label Tooth & Nail. One of these is Emotion is Dead would end up featuring the bands most prominent mainstream songs as the legacy grew. Here’s some earlier stuff in the form of their only record from a major label Love which was on Sony imprint Epic.

So do me and yourself a favor and listen to all of the things ever put out by The Juliana Theory. You’ll thank yourself as you scream at the top of your lungs their choruses. Ones built for stadiums that were never played for crowds never realized.


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