James Gandolfini In Memorium

James Gandolfini, best know for the role of Tony Soprano in The Sopranos, died Wednesday night in Rome due to cardiac arrest at age 51. Sure, everyone knows him best for his role as a great mobster, but he has done so much more than that.
james gandolfiniIf you’re looking to have movie marathon here are some movies that showcase his wide range.

True Romance: This was Gandolfini’s breakout film role, even though it was a small part as Virgil the hitman. Let’s just say his performance was on fire.

Get Shorty: He plays a gangster/stuntman named Bear with a ponytail and softer side.

The Mexican: He plays a gay hitman named Winston who kidnaps Julia Roberts and ends up being just a really vulnerable person. Kind of.

The Man Who Wasn’t There: As Big Dave Brewster, he brings up a great question: “What kind of man are you?”

Where The Wild Things Are: Now I know you’re wondering who he plays in the movie. With his track record he’s obviously Carol, the monster who rips another monsters arm off.

James Gandolfini’s loss is made greater when you see his career in the past year. Finally starting to shed off the mobster skin he had been typecast into, Gandolfini played great roles in the critically acclaimed films such as Killing Them SoftlyNot Fade Away, and Zero Dark Thirty.  The loss of this Jersey son will be felt for decades to come. He was more than a mobster, and I’m glad we got a chance to see his true depth as an actor.

RIP James Gandolfini

You faded to black too soon.

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