Treasure Island Music Festival Interview: Day Wave


As we wrap up our Treasure Island Music Festival 2016 coverage, we caught up with one last artist who is a Bay Area up-and-comer who’s blazing the music world. Jackson Phillips, otherwise known as Day Wave, is an indie rock singer, songwriter whose music has caught the attention of the Los Angeles Times and Billboard. He continues to perform at a variety of different venus, including the Treasure Island Music Festival stage, with his accompanied musicians. We got to chat with him about what his experience, both as a performer and an attendee, was like at the festival and more.

TYF: What made you want to get into music? 
Day Wave: Ever since 2nd or 3rd grade I felt a really strong connection to music. As I got older that feeling just got stronger and stronger to the point where I knew it was the only thing I wanted to do.

TYF: For ones who haven’t listened to your music before, how would you describe it?
Day Wave: I’d say it’s rock music with pop songs at the core.

TYF: You’ve released two EPs, Headcase (2015) and Hard to Read (2016). How have you developed stylistically between the two EPs?
Day Wave: The two EPs were made around the same time, so they aren’t too different stylistically, but I think I settled into a sound as I was finishing Hard To Read.

TYF: Has your writing process changed?
Day Wave: It hasn’t changed too much since I wrote those EP’s, I tend to write and record at the same time. That way I can listen back to what I’m writing with some perspective, instead of playing it on guitar myself and trying to judge that way.

TYF: Are you currently writing any new music?  
Day Wave: I’m always writing new ideas and recording them into my phone. Those little ideas are the seeds for songs later down the line.

TYF: When can fans expect a full album to be released?
Day Wave: I’m just finishing my debut album now, it’s really close to being totally done.

TYF: Since you’ve toured with Blonde Redhead, what was it like touring with them?
Day Wave: They were very nice people and an incredible live band! I could tell they were really trained musicians.

TYF: Name 5 key things that you can’t live without, while on tour. 
Day Wave: My own pillow, almond butter, granola bars, sleep, diners.

TYF: I noticed that you attended the first day of Treasure Island Music Festival. What was your experience like as an attendee? 
Day Wave: It was fun, I brought my friends and we just hung out playing corn hole and watching bands.

TYF: What was it like performing at the Treasure Island Music Festival?
Day Wave: It was pouring rain during our set, which was actually a first for me- it was pretty awesome. A lot of people stood through the rain to watch us, which was pretty cool.

TYF: Lastly, you have a few shows coming up before the end of the year, what can fans expect from your set?
Day Wave: New songs!

You can connect with Day Wave and learn more about his music on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Soundcloud pages.

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