Top 10 Pop Music Videos of 2015

This has been a great year for all Music Lovers. Breakout artists like Alessia Cara, Halsey, Troye Sivan and Tori Kelly exploded onto the stage and blessed all of our ears with glorious music. This year, artists new and old came together and added a visual layer to their pre-existing tracks. Here are my Top 10 Pop Music Videos of 2015.

  1. “Never Forget You” – Zara Larsson & MNEK

With stunning landscapes of Iceland in the background, Larsson and MNEK intertwined with a story about a girl who embarks on a life long friendship with a beastly creature. This video is cute and fits with the message of the song perfectly.

2. “Blue Neighbourhood” Trilogy – Troye Sivan

Sivan and director Tim Mattia beautifully laid out a story about growing up, coming out, true love, suicide, and disapproving and abusive parents. The visuals are remarkable, and the acting is spot on, convincing, emotional, but not exaggerated.

3.Elastic Heart” – Sia

Sia brought together Maddie Ziegler and Shia LaBeouf for her video. Together, they expressed the concept of loss in both an artistic and compelling way.

4. “Hello” – Adele

This is without a doubt the pop comeback of the year! This video is shot in a sepia filter, which works amazingly well with the video. Also, the scenes where Adele is singing her heart out while the leaves and wind are blowing all around her is truly iconic.

5. “Alright” – Kendrick Lamar

Although this video isn’t pop like the others, it deserves a mention. It’s simply dreamlike with black and white visuals. In it, Kendrick floats in the air, a monochrome city of the Bay Area to LA, and eventually Kendrick gets shot by a policeman and tumbles to his death in slow motion.

6. “Bad Blood” – Taylor Swift feat. Kendrick Lamar

Swift brought together her whole squad to film a video in which they all prepare to battle with another girl who betrayed said squad. This video is little over the top but highly entertaining.

7. “What Kind of Man” – Florence + The Machine

In this video, Florence uses her body to convey the emotions she went through after a break up. The result of this is an honest and powerful visual masterpiece.

8. “New Americana” – Halsey

This appropriately dark video shows Halsey in her own community where she is the leader of a group who fight back when the police interferes.

9. “Hotline Bling” – Drake

Obviously, this video did well with Drake fans. Parodies surfaced all over the internet along with memes and gifs copying Drake’s dance moves.

10. “Boarders” – M.I.A.

This video shows a group of refugees as they set off on a journey to an unknown fate. The video itself is politically charged, powerful and full purposefully simplistic rhetorical questions that seem to be aimed at the western world.

Amber Mack is a 21-year-old from Atlanta, Georgia attending UWG (Go Wolves!), and is working to obtain a degree in Convergence Journalism with a minor in Creative Writing. She loves, poetry, books (preferably YA), music, and Netflix. When she's not attending classes, she writing poetry and/or songs while enjoying excessive binges of Gilmore Girls and Charmed. Some of her favorite things include: mashed potatoes, her cat Onyx, singing even though everyone is watching, making up random songs, and anything 90's to 2007. When she's not around people you'll find her dancing alone in her room. She has a brain full of random facts that are quite interesting. Right now, her obsession is Troye Sivan but that won't change anytime soon.