The Ten Best Phineas and Ferb Songs


Phineas and Ferb is a TV show like no other. The animated sitcom, which aired on Disney Channel from 2007 to 2015, is notable for many reasons—its wacky premise, its loveable characters, its meta-humor—but the aspect of the show that stands out the most to me is its music. At least one song appears in every episode, meaning that it’d be nearly impossible to find a genre or theme that hasn’t been given the Phineas and Ferb treatment. Here are ten of the show’s most memorable numbers.

Backyard Beach

Fans of Phineas and Ferb know that some of the show’s funniest moments occur when the typically silent Ferb dares to speak. One such moment is “Backyard Beach.” In this reggae-inspired song, Ferb spits a slew of vacation-themed rhymes over the mellifluous sound of calypso drums.


A subtle “Wonderwall” parody, “Meatloaf” features vocals from both Davy Jones of the Monkees and Peter Noone of Herman’s Hermits. In the song, the two twentieth-century icons reveal their undying love for the titular dish by passionately crooning lyrics like “so moist and savory, its beef that’s shaped like bread.” The catchy chorus—”I’m talking bout meatloaf/meatloaf, yeah”—is sure to pop up in your head every time meatloaf is mentioned for the rest of your life.

Little Brothers

“Little Brothers” is at once heartwarming and hilarious. The simple ballad discusses Candace’s love for her little brothers in a fashion that’s sure to make you smile. The best part of the song is the chorus, which juxtaposes sentimental vocals with matter-of-fact lyrics—”You will always be my/ little brothers/’cause you’re younger/we’re related/and you’re boys.”

Phinedroids and Ferbots

“Phinedroids and Ferbots” sounds almost like a Daft Punk song that never was. With a playful electronic sound, distorted vocals, and lyrics like “we’re Phinedroids and Ferbots and we’re stomping our feet,” it’s the perfect robot dance anthem. In classic Phineas and Ferb fashion, the lyrics get progressively quirkier until the bots are singing about having “light bulbs for eyes” and “switching to decaf lattes.”

Alien Heart

“She’s got an alien heart” is not a metaphor. “Alien Heart” truly is a song about a girlfriend who seems to be an extraterrestrial being. Written by Phineas, Ferb, and Mr. Fletcher (Ferb’s father) in an attempt to replicate the quirky new wave hits of the 1980s, its facetious lyrics are made even better by Mr. Fletcher’s over-the-top delivery. When he sings lines like “Does she love me for who I am?”, his emotion is undeniable—and undeniably hilarious.

Perry the Platypus

Every spy needs an epic theme, and Perry the Platypus is no exception. In this song, the so-called “semi-aquatic, egg-laying mammal of action” is portrayed as a hero who will stop at nothing to save the world. Complete with backup singers, scatting, a horn section, and the melodramatically sung final line “Agent P!”, this is the tribute that everyone’s favorite “furry little flatfoot” deserves.

S.I.M.P. (Squirrels in My Pants)

“S.I.M.P. (Squirrels in My Pants)” arises from an odd situation: wild squirrels find their way into Candace’s pants, and two nearby MCs begin to freestyle about the spectacle. At first, their rhymes stay on topic—”Tell me, what’s making you jump like that?/Ain’t got no chickens, ain’t got no rats.” Then the lyrics become progressively more random—e.g. “How can I qualify for government grants?” The song’s hip-hop beats and catchy hook—”S to the I to the M to the P”—make it especially memorable.

Queen of Mars

With a peppy tempo and jaunty synthesizer accents, “Queen of Mars” is one of Phineas and Ferb’s most entertaining numbers. Unlike “Alien Heart,” the other extraterrestrial-themed song on this list, its tone is purely triumphant. Instead of jeopardizing relationships, the aliens in this song are simply improving Candace’s sense of “self-worth” by crowning her their ruler.



“F-Games” is the perfect stadium anthem. Presented as the game day soundtrack for an odd sport that Phineas and Ferb invented, it’s the kind of song you’ll want to stomp and clap along to. Its “na na na” hook, steady beat, and driving guitars will fill you with the energy of a thousand animated athletes.


Mobile Mammal

Any song that begins with the lyric “He’s Alabama bound with a load of bananas/heading south across the Mason-Dixon Line” is guaranteed to be entertaining. “Mobile Mammal,” a twangy country song that plays during an absurd scene involving Perry the Platypus driving a truck, delivers on that promise. Although the song is shorter than a minute, it makes a lasting impression.

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