The Lumineers release new single “Ophelia”


Great news everyone! Colorado trio The Lumineers are back this year with new music and a tour! Just a few weeks ago the band launched “Ophelia,” the first track off the new album entitled Cleopatra. The album, out April 8, is inspired by all those long trips around the world since the band’s rise to stardom in 2012.

“Ophelia” is a “vague reference to people falling in love with fame,” said Wesley Schultz, guitarist and frontman of the trio, in a recent Entertainment Weekly interview. The video for the first single shows the band performing at a concert where we can see Schultz stay in front of the stage singing, while his other “self” goes out to dance in puddles of water and rain. All this while we hear a very sleek and smooth rhythm that combines the piano and tambourine with Schultz’s voice.

I don’t know about you, but I have high hopes for Cleopatra. While we wait for more tracks and the beginning of The Lumineers’ world tour also in April, watch the video for “Ophelia” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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