Run the Jewels releases Meow The Jewels

Weekends can get busy for most of us… but not for Run the Jewels, who have finalized their next installment of the Run the Jewels series, Meow The Jewels. I’d like to add that there are so many cats meowing and purring. There’s also some nice surprise meows from Snoop Dogg and Lil BUB on “MEOWPURRDY!”

Lil Bub

Each song on the album is remixed by different artists, from Just Blaze and Alchemist to a nice surprise from Massive Attack, even if it’s just 3D.

The instrumentals are replaced primarily by these cat noises, sometimes you forget there was an actual instrumental to this, and not just meows and purrs.

I just can’t believe that these guys actually committed till the end… And now it’s just pure bliss to my ears. I mean if you love rap and cats like I do, then you’d have a field day.

I know you can’t take this serious, but the hype is real here. El-P and Alchemist released their remixes early. Those tracks were enough to hype the album.

Take a listen and let us know what you think of the album.

It’s downloadable for free here, or buy the Vinyl. Do you.

Now here is Jonah Hill playing with cats.


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