Ranking The Bad Babes in Taylor Swift’s New Video

Taylor Swift premiered the video for her hit single “Bad Blood” at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday and it was epic! The action-packed video featured a gang of scorching supermodels, media starlets, and A-List actresses clad in leather donning weaponry. Joseph Kahn directed the girl-power blockbuster that can only be described as a mix of Sin City, The Hunger Games, Charlie’s Angels, and The Avengers. “Bad Blood” is chock-full of fierce females, but who is the baddest of them all?

18. The Trinity (Hailee Steinfeld)


Steinfeld may be an award-winning actress, but her presence in the “Bad Blood” video was pretty lack-luster. The Trinity didn’t really kick ass, all she did was look confused while tinkering with Taylor’s suit of armor. We still love you though Steinfeld!


17. Lucky Fiori (Lena Dunham)


I’m guessing all the puffing on that cigar is the reason Lucky was stationary the whole video. Not much action for Dunham, but the name Lucky Fiori is pretty badass in and of itself so kudos Lena!


16. Justice (Mariska Hargitay)


Mariska Hargitay’s presence in the video was good enough for me, but I would have loved to see her kick some ass. Maybe the sequel? “Bad Blood 2: Badder Blood.” Her walk and salute was pretty amazing though!


15. Welvin Da Great (Kendrick Lamar)


Welvin Da Great was pretty badass in a mad scientist sort of way. His arm movements were a little erratic, but he’s responsible for resuscitating Taylor, and for that we are forever grateful.


14. Luna (Ellen Pompeo)


Taylor Swift’s cat is named after Meredith Grey (Pompeo’s character from Grey’s Anatomy) so I’m a little pissed her name wasn’t “ Killer Kitty” or something to reference that connection, but Luna was pretty dull. Her costume and head nod were pretty stellar though.


13. Domino (Jessica Alba)


Domino is the resident badass biker chick of the “Bad Blood” universe, and her hair flip is to die for!


12. Headmistress (Cindy Crawford)


Headmistress walked the catwalk and nodded at Taylor, the end.


11. Homeslice (Martha Hunt)


Homeslice didn’t really stand out in the video, but her sword-wielding skills are something to envy.


10. Dilemma (Serayah)


Dilemma scared me. Did you see what she did to that wall? Her super-strength paired with that machine gun is more than enough to put her in the top 10.


9. Slay-Z (Gigi Hadid)


Slay-Z is fierce, no doubt about it. Her gadget was pretty badass too, and the fact that Gigi Hadid picked Slay-Z to be her name is incredible. 10 points Gigi!


8. Mother Chucker (Cara Delevingne)

mother chucker

Mother Chucker can kill you with side-eye, and if that doesn’t work, her nunchucks should do the trick. Also, dare I say Cara Delevingne has never looked better? HOT!


7. Destructa X (Ellie Goulding)


Destructa X brings the crazy to the “Bad Blood” video. She has a freaking ROCKET LAUNCHER need I say more?


6. Frostbyte (Lily Aldridge)


Frostbyte is cool – pun intended. She’s like a sexy abominable snowman that can kick your ass. Brrrr!


5. Knockout (Karlie Kloss)


Knockout is a badass. Did you see her high kick? And the way her skin perfectly glistened with sweat? Amazing. No guns, no knives, just boxing gloves.


4. The Crimson Curse (Hayley Williams)


Hayley Williams might be the only person in this video under 5’5” but that doesn’t mean she didn’t stand out. The Crimson Curse is the resident ninja badass of “Bad Blood,” and that Joker-esque laugh gave me chills.


3. Catastrophe (Taylor Swift)


Okay, so Catastrophe isn’t bad per se, but she is the heroine so she had to be in the top 5. Also, Swift produced this video and without her we would have never met any of these vicious vixens. Thanks Tay!


2. Cut-Throat (Zendaya)


Cut-Throat slays – for real. From the way she demolished that dummy to the nonchalant toss of that knife! She. Is. Bad.


1. Arsyn (Selena Gomez)


Am I the only one obsessed with this bob? Selena is giving some serious Catherine Zeta-Jones (in Chicago) vibes. Can’t you see her belting out “All That Jazz?” Anyway, Arsyn is the perfect villain. Her death stare is incomparable and those moves? Phenomenal. But what I really want to know is, what happened after that slap? Did Arysn beat Catastrophe? Or did good beat evil? My money’s on Arsyn.

Watch the “Bad Blood” music video:

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