New(ish) Music Tuesdays: October 2016


Welcome to the August installment of New(ish) Music Tuesdays, our monthly feature in which our music staff write about their favorite new songs. This month, we’re featuring cool music for your autumn days.

Amber Mack’s pick

The lead single released from Tove Lo’s upcoming sophomore album Lady Wood, “Cool Girl” is a subtle, club-friendly, flirty track with a fantastic synth base line that instantly makes me want to dance the minute the beat drops in the chorus. Let’s not mention how snarky she is lyrically. Definitely a perfect start to promoting her upcoming album and has been an important staple to getting my day started.

Ryan Gibbs’ picks


Sounding like nothing else, the debut self-titled album from jazz-prog-metal supergroup Brain Tentacles is one of the best heavy records of the year. On the single “Fruitcake”, the band stuffs a bunch of neat tricks, catchy melodies and virtuosic musicianship onto a song that doesn’t even crack the three minute mark. If you’re into saxophones being used in heavier music than you’re accustomed, Brain Tentacles might just be the band for you.

Camille Espiritu’s picks


I’ve been a Demi Lovato fan since the very beginning and her music has been consistently good. From her camp rock days all the way to her now edgy vibe, she’s grown quite a bit as an artist and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed listening to the evolution of it. With her new track, “Body Say”, Lovato’s vocals brings out a sexier and softer side of her. There aren’t too many layers compared to her previous powerhouse tracks. Yet despite it all, she remains confident and classy while being vulnerable.The beat takes a step back in the song, letting her vocals musically carry you through. I’m excited to hear more of her new music.

After seeing Sia in concert in Oakland, I am on a Sia high right now. She’s got vocals and artistry that can’t be topped. Her latest song, “The Greatest” was the encore of her concert and the track struck a chord with me. On the surface level, the lyrics with Sia’s powerhouse vocals reminds you to not give up despite the odds that may come up. But emotionally, the song gives me with a sense of confidence, self-expression and pride that hasn’t happened often in music.


I stumbled upon MØ’s music randomly through a Spotify curated playlist and was immediately hooked. Even though she’s a relevantly new artist, her music has quickly been embraced by fans due it’s unique sound and catchy vibe. “Final Song” has an indie poppy tone that’s easy to dance to and has been on repeat since.

What are your favorite new songs? Let us know in the comments!


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