New(ish) Music Tuesdays: November 2016



Welcome to the November installment of New(ish) Music Tuesdays, our monthly feature in which our music staff write about their favorite new songs.

Brittany Menjivar’s picks


After hearing “Royal,” the latest single from Double Dare, I have no doubt that Waterparks has managed to soar to pop-punk stardom without “selling out.” The lyrics call to mind Holden Caulfield at his most insightful; the chorus is at once intense and ready for singalongs; and the hooks will leave the song stuck in your head for hours (in this case, that’s not a bad thing). If Waterparks plays this song on its current tour, rows of fans will definitely jump along, swept into the band’s powerful wave of honesty and artistry.


Bastille has always had a cinematic sound, but the band’s recent album Wild World takes that description to a whole new level—especially in the flawless single “Send Them Off!”. The track begins with a dramatically spoken movie quote—”‘It was a slight on my honor, so he deserved it.’ ‘But we’re talking about the most brilliant mind this world has ever seen!'” Then powerful horns and jaunty percussion resound, indicating that the song will be fun to listen to in addition to a work of art. Per usual, Dan Smith’s vocals are stunningly expressive, adding to the sense of urgency present in the lyrics


Bridgit Mendler’s first album, “Hello My Name Is…”, featured plenty of sunny guitar chords and bold, bright Lily Allen vibes. Her new single “Atlantis” sees her taking a different direction, using relaxed hip-hop beats, electronic flourishes, and even some vocal distortion. The result is distinct from her past work, but equally marvelous—the kind of chill, glittering song that would make the perfect soundtrack for either laid-back mornings or smooth night drives. Kaiydo’s rap fits seamlessly into the track, extending the undersea metaphor introduced in the verses.

Ryan Gibbs’ picks


Shoegazing has always reminded me a lot of late fall and early winter, and it’s not unusual for me to listen to Ride or Drop Nineteens or Swervedriver while watching the snow fall outside my window. The latest addition to that soundtrack is “A.C.D.”, the new single from Philidelphia band Nothing.  On both the song and its parent album Tired of Tomorrow, Nothing creates a perfect blend of distorted volume, distant vocals and pure melody that mark them as one of the best shoegaze-revival acts going. The song has several fantastic hooks and hits a sweet spot of being both uncompromisingly loud and sweetly catchy.


Young Romance have been a band I’ve had my eye on a few years now, despite only trickling out a few singles and EPs here and there. On “Disappear”, the first single from their debut full length LP Another’s Blood, you can get an idea of everything that makes them so special.

“Disappear” showcases the band’s impeccable sense of melody and their playful use of loud-quiet dynamics will catch the ear of fans of late ‘80s British indie groups like The Wedding Present. The song’s most striking element is the duo’s frontwoman Claire (no last name given). She is both a unique, incomparable vocal force on the band’s song and one of the best pop-rock drummers to come out of the United Kingdom in the past five years. This is a great introduction to a rising force in British indie rock that is not to be passed over.

Camille Espiritu’s picks


Seriously, how can you not like this song?! I literally just blast this song whenever it comes on the radio or my playlist and BLAST Bruno’s funky new tune through the speakers. I am beyond happy that Bruno Mars has new music and I’m already anticipating to hear when he’ll release tour dates to his new music.

This song is just so much fun and just shows how much swag Bruno Mars has. It has a nice funky groove that just makes you happy and want to dance like no one is watching (not like I dance in my car when the song comes on or anything).


Ever since seeing Ingrid Michaelson at her San Francisco concert, this song has been on repeat. She has a sort of hidden popularity which still makes me baffled as to why and how more people aren’t listening to her music yet. I’ve loved her during her early days in the music industry and enjoyed seeing her progression. Her new song, “Hello No”, just has so much sass and empowerment that you can be fine on your own without being all up in your face about it. Also, who doesn’t love a music video that is solely Snapchat filters. She’s awesome.


This song has been on repeat for so long that I’m kind of surprised I haven’t talked about it in previous New(ish) Music Tuesdays. If anyone asked me what I thought love meant or felt, I would just direct them to this song. “Still Falling For You” displays how euphoric love truly is. It’s just an explosion of happiness that you can’t describe but only feel. This song just reminds me that love never dies. Even years into a relationship/marriage, couples will still look at each other with that same intense love that they felt since the first day they met. I want THAT type of love. This song is just love #goalz.

I found this song randomly as one of my suggested tracks on Spotify and once again Spotify, you got my taste in music spot on. “Honey” is a track that has a mix of edgy rock that’s infused with an upbeat pop chorus that’s sure to get stuck in your head – with good reason. Also, it’s RARE that I find an Asian woman lead singer, as if KAYE wasn’t a badass already. Might I add, KAYE is also a part of a Guns N’ Roses cover band and has some serious guitar skills – what’s not to love about her?!

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