New(ish) Music Tuesdays: 3/8/16


Welcome to the latest installment New(ish) Music Tuesdays, our semi-regular (and apparently monthly now?) feature in which The Young Folks staff write about their favorite new songs. This time out, we have some shoegazing from Russia, a defunct punk band, a song currently in the Top 10 and an album cut from an album we recently reviewed.

Amber Mack’s pick

The 1975 – “Somebody Else”

“Somebody Else” is a heart-fuelled ballad about wanting to move on from a lover, but still not being able to imagine them with somebody else. Matt Healy brings a mellow, chilled ambience to the track and that alone creates a raw beautiful sound. It’s a slow jam in every sense of the word. Hauntingly honest, this track is a perfect depiction of heartbreak. This is definitely my favorite song off their new album I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It.

William Eguizabal’s pick

Chumped – “Something About Lemons”

“Something about Lemons” by the now defunct band Chumped mixes Superchunk, The Smoking Popes and a punk rock attitude. Lead singer Anika Pyle yearns and churns out some tunes that seek to hit the emotional level while crafting story of 20-something ennui and the recklessness of a young heart.

Ryan Gibbs’ pick

Pinkshinyultrablast – “The Cherry Pit”

The Russian quartet Pinkshinyultrablast play what most would call shoegazing, but they prefer the term “thunder-pop.” Either way, fans of shoegazing will find much to love about the band’s incredibly melodic and terrifying loud sound. The band’s new album Grandfeathered is one of the year’s very best so far, and it’s good to see that it’s been getting the positive reactions it deserves.

Camille Espiritu’s pick

DNCE – “Cake by the Ocean”

Joe Jonas’s music career has had a few ups and downs. I loved him when he was in a small band called the Jonas Brothers. (For all you fan girls out there, you might have heard of them.) Once the band broke up, Joe decided to go solo which did not pan out so well. Now, with DNCE, I think he got his stride back. The band embraces all quirks and imperfections, which is possibly why the name is missing the ‘a’ in it. Filled with infusions of pop and funk, “Cake by the Ocean” is a track that has me either lip-syncing in the car or dancing horribly in my room. Honestly, it took me awhile to like the track, but now it’s one of my most replayed songs. I love how wacky the lyrics are. It’s a song that you shouldn’t take literally, but should be one where you listen, enjoy and just get up and D(A)NCE!

Ryan Gibbs is the music editor for The Young Folks. He is based in Newport, Rhode Island.