New(ish) Music Tuesdays: 9/15/15


Welcome back to New(ish) Music Tuesday, in which The Young Folks staff share their favorite new songs. This week, we recommend four songs in very different styles, from the dreamy electropop of Troye Sivan, a Top 40 ready song from Selena Gomez, brooding gothic post-punk from Publicist UK and the folk influenced art pop of Halsey.

Brooke Pawling Stennet’s pick

Troye Sivan – “WILD”

This kid is only 20. He’s already making a name for himself and for a reason. Sivan recently released his full fledged EP, which is spectacular, but the namesake and single is definitely my favorite of them all. “WILD” is catchy on a different level than what’s going on in the pop genre as of late. It’s a mix of alternative, electronic, pop, and the vibe of the song is steady and haunting. The music video is part of a trilogy, made with the other tracks on the album. (Parts two and three releasing soon…hopefully). It makes “WILD” even better, which I didn’t think was possible. It’s a beautiful song in its lyrics and production and the kid choir gives me goosebumps. My second favorite on the EP is “BITE” and that is almost as hauntingly beautiful as “WILD.” Better yet, just go get the whole EP.

Gabrielle Bondi’s pick

Selena Gomez – “Same Old Love”

A lot of people were surprised by Selena Gomez’s first single, “Good For You.” While her vocals aren’t strong enough to fully carry the sultriness of “Good for You,” she really shines in her second single off Revival, “Same Old Love.” She continues to experiment with her sound, not giving us the “same-old” dance-pop that has been dominating the radio. It’s still a nice, low key pop track that fits her voice well, allowing us to see a sexy and mature side to Gomez.

Ryan Gibbs’ pick

Publicist UK – “Slow Dancing to This Bitter Earth”

Publicist UK is a band that features members of various loud underground bands and their great new album Forgive Yourself is the kind of gothic record I didn’t know was still being made in 2015, but i’m sure glad it is. The record is wonderfully weighty and the baritone vocals of former Freshkills singer Zachary Lipez are a consistent highlight. It’s very easy for a band that sounds like this to fall into the Joy Division pigeonhole, but Publicist UK never really comes anywhere close to them. If any band is a comparison point, it’s Killing Joke. On “Slow Dancing to This Bitter Earth,” the band’s slashing guitars and rattling drums build into something brilliantly cavernous. A must-listen for fans of the darker alternative music.

Hannah Atkins’ pick

Halsey – “Gasoline”

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m going through a massive Halsey phase, so it was difficult to try and pick one song! Nevertheless, I chose Gasoline – it’s an understated but riotous anthem, a contrast to the more melancholy mood pervading through most of her other songs on the album. Turn it up loud (make sure there are no sensitive ears around, since there are some wonderfully placed swear words) and sing along as you get ready to take on the world.  If you like this one, then check out her track ‘New Americana’ as well.

Ryan Gibbs is the music editor for The Young Folks. He is based in Newport, Rhode Island.