New(ish) Music Tuesdays: 10/20/15


Welcome back to New(ish) Music Tuesday, our semi-regular feature in which our staff picks the songs that they haven’t been able to get enough of over the past week. We took a couple weeks off, but we’re back to talk about music from a wide assortment of cool new bands.

Ryan Gibbs’ picks

Summer Twins – “Demons”

This cut from Summer Twins’ excellent new album Limbo has a strong 60’s garage influence filtered through the indie pop of the 90s. “Demons” is anchored by some terrific harmonies from Chelsea and Justine Brown on the chorus, great organ work and a killer guitar solo at the end. It’s definitely one of the more striking guitar rock songs I’ve heard this year. If you like this one, it’s free on the Google Play Store this month, so be sure to pick it up before October is out.

Stealing Sheep – “Not Real”

The title track from Liverpool psych pop trio Stealing Sheep’s second album checks a lot of boxes for me. The bands switch from dreamy psych-folk to new wave is a welcome one on “Not Real”, as are the beachy guitar riffs, dreamy vocals that recall Broadcast’s Trish Keenan and synth lines that are pure 80’s freestyle pop. It took me a few listens for this to click with me, but once it did, I couldn’t stop playing it. A year-end best-of list contender for sure.

Oberhofer – “Memory Remains”

It’s all about throwback stuff for me this week isn’t it? My last choice is the new single from Brooklyn’s Oberhofer. “Memory Remains” has a bit of a new wave vibe, with a chorus melody that strikes me as very familiar but i’m unable to place. Strong drumming, jittery guitar and a fantastic vocal from band leader and namesake Brad Oberhofer really push this one over the top for me.


Luciana Villalba’s picks

Kaytranada – “Go Ahead” and “Whateva U Want”

Kaytranada released 8 songs to his Soundcloud page while we wait for his debut album, and even though the songs are unfinished, it seems like they will be worth the wait.

One of my favorites from the bunch is Go Ahead because it has that classic Kaytra vibe to it and then there’s Whateva U Want which is as groovy as it gets! Enjoy!

Kevin Montes’ pick

Raury – “Devil’s Whisper”

Despite an unfortunately disappointing release from the indigo child, Raury, there were a few tracks that stood out amongst the others. One in particular is “Devil’s Whisper,” the other half of one of his most popular tracks, “God’s Whisper.” It perfectly blends all the eclectic sounds Raury has been known for mixing. It switches mid song to a more trap-southern like beat with heavy bass and the distortions, for Raury’s great verse. His flow is insane on the track. Check it out.

Ryan Gibbs is the music editor for The Young Folks. He is based in Newport, Rhode Island.