Music News: The Fratellis Release “Baby Don’t You Lie to Me” Video


Scottish rock band The Fratellis released their video for “Baby Don’t You Lie to Me” this past Friday on their social channels and through their fan newsletter. This second single and follow up to “Me and the Devil” comes to us from their fourth album, Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied, available later this August.

“Baby Don’t You Lie to Me” has a fairly straightforward message—he’ll take just about any behavior from the song’s muse, be it despising him or trashing him, as long as they never lie to him. A simple message deserves a simple video, and that’s exactly what the “Baby Don’t You Lie to Me” video delivers. Directed by Libby Burke Wild, the video centers around the band playing the single on stage in an empty room.

Catch the video here:

If the Fratellis’ latest singles are any indication, we have a lot to look forward to when the album drops on August 21st.

Check out “Me and the Devil,” the first single from Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied, here.

Pre-order Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied on iTunes HERE or Amazon HERE.

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