Music News: Rooney premieres “My Heart Beats 4 U” video

500x500I’ve been a pretty big fan of the pop rock band Rooney since they released their first self-titled album in 2003, which is my kind way of saying I was obsessed with them. When they started a hiatus in 2012, I wasn’t thrilled–a lot of bands use the word “hiatus” like former dog owners allude to farms as new homes. It’s usually a gentler way of letting you know that you’re not going to see them again. As members Robert Schwartzman, Taylor Locke, Louie Stephens, Ned Brower and Brandon Schwartzel explored other bands, solo projects and interests other than music, it seemed more and more like Rooney was gone for good.

You can imagine my surprise when Robert Schwartzman announced a new Rooney song, “Come On Baby,” via Instagram on Christmas, the promise of more news on the horizon. That news was quickly revealed to be a new stellar single (“My Heart Beats 4 U”), a new album dropping in May (their fourth, Washed Away) and a small tour. While both songs have been completely in line with what Rooney’s sound is, it’s interesting to note that the rest of the guys aren’t there–Robert Schwartzman appears to be doing things on his own with a touring band for performances.

The point is made clear in the video for “My Heart Beats 4 U,” which premiered on earlier today. Robert Schwartzman is playing all the parts; not only is he every member of the band, but also the producer, as well as the lovely ladies catching the show. Check it out here:

As Schwartzman explains to Entertainment Weekly, “Fans have invested a lot of time into this project, and I really want to do right by what the legacy so far of the band is. I hope to take Rooney to an exciting place in today’s new music landscape, because I feel like the soil is fertile and the sun is shining and the water is flowing and I think there will be good things growing in this garden.” If the two new songs, “Come On Baby” and “My Heart Beats 4 U” are any indication for what’s to come on the new album Washed Away, he’s entirely correct.

Washed Away is on sale May 6th–pre-order it on Rooney’s website here.

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