Music News: Panic! at the Disco Releases “Death of a Bachelor”

panic-at-the-disco-946-2015Following the release of “Hallelujah,” Panic! at the Disco premiered another new song this afternoon. Leading singer/multi-instrumentalist Brendon Urie called in to Pete Wentz’s Beats 1 Apple Radio Show residency to premiere “Death of a Bachelor,” a song about not forgetting about your past, but choosing to focus on the future instead.

There’s an undeniably vintage sound to it, a Sinatra-esque quality overlaid with electronic beats. According to Urie, it’s Sinatra meets Beyoncé, sound-wise, and also his favorite track from the new album. It’s a deeply personal track for him, as he explained that part of his inspiration came from wanting to combat the womanizing rock star image. “How rare is it to find someone that completes you…” he explains, discussing falling in love with his wife Sarah Urie (née Orzechowski). “You can throw away part of your history. Not forget about it, but not want to look back.”

There’s undoubtedly another meaning behind this track. With the departure of drummer Spencer Smith earlier this year, Urie and bassist Dallon Weekes found themselves in another period of band transition. The remaining members of Panic! at the Disco have high hopes for the future, and the tracks they’ve released so far signal that fans should too. Brendon Urie explains over at the Panic! at the Disco tumblr:

“Death Of A Bachelor” is very important to me. It expresses the bittersweet (but mostly sweet) end of an era. A look back at a part of my life now deceased. An “It’s A Wonderful Life”-esque look into a possibly different future. But mostly an appreciation for the present.

Good news: Urie confirmed during his interview that the new album (title still unknown) is complete and in the process of being mixed right now, so Panic! at the Disco fans can look forward to more news about that later this year.

Listen to “Death of a Bachelor” here:

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