Music News: New Politics Releases “West End Kids”

west end kidsIt’s a great day for New Politics fans thanks to the release of their new single “West End Kids.” In addition to the new track, the Danish alternative rock band announced that their third album, Vikings, will be released from DCD2 (Fall Out Boy bassist/songwriter Pete Wentz’s label) and Warner Brothers Records on August 14, 2015.

You can feel the nostalgia in “West End Kids”—the band’s new anthem delves into more emotional matter than some of their prior fare, recalling their lives back in Copenhagen. The band explains over on their tumblr:

The song is about Vesterport (West End), the area in Copenhagen where we once lived. It’s where we played some of our first shows, where we first fell in love, and first felt heartbreak. It’s also where we had to say goodbye in order to make the sacrifices needed to move to Brooklyn and live out our dream of playing music.

Listen to “West End Kids” over at Entertainment Weekly. While you’re waiting for the release of Vikings, you can find New Politics on tour this summer.

“West End Kids” will be available on iTunes and Spotify at midnight tonight.

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