Music News: Little Mix Releases “Black Magic” Music Video


As promised, the ladies of Little Mix have released the video for their new single “Black Magic.” The video’s release followed their short “As If By Magic” marketing campaign, which allowed fans to preview clips and check out exclusive content before the video’s release using the Blippar app.

The video for “Black Magic” pursues a very literal translation of the song—with the help of a magic book, geeked-out versions of Jesy, Perrie, Jade, and Leigh Ann transform into crop top-wearing, midriff-baring badass ladies. They use their newfound magic to exact revenge on a mean popular girl, help a fellow geek in need, and turn one of their school lectures into a dance party. Think of it as an extremely clean, Disney Channel-fied version of The Craft. They even borrow the hair color change move.


I hope that this was a purposeful echo, because it’s slightly too close for comfort otherwise.

Watch the video here:

It’s not without it’s cheese (neon clouds and sparkles are magic, etc.), but there’s some good fun. However, I’m not buying the She’s All That brand of geek—glasses and normal clothes won’t come close to taking away these girls’ looks, sorry. It didn’t work with Rachel Leigh Cook and it doesn’t work with Little Mix. The concept is pretty 90s and, unfortunately, is not the best message. Ladies with agency taking action? Awesome! Ladies needing to be “conventionally attractive” in order to take that agency and gain attention? Not awesome.

“Black Magic” is a major departure from the dark “Run This Town” like video the girls did for last year’s “Salute.” With the sparkles and dancing, the group appears to be angling toward a younger audience than they were for their last album.

“Black Magic” is available now! Buy it on iTunes HERE or Amazon HERE


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    Yet although they changed their looks and got attention they never took off with a guy so…