Music News: Fall Out Boy Releases “Uma Thurman” Music Video

tumblr_ni32joVpQR1rr50x6o1_500Chock full of pop culture references—their sampling of The Munsters theme song and the overt nod to Uma Thurman’s dance scene in cult classic Pulp Fiction, to name some—Fall Out Boy’s new single “Uma Thurman” is arguably the most unique song on American Beauty/American Psycho. When the band announced that a video was coming this week, I started to wonder what direction they would go in: historical with vaguely religious overtones like “Centuries”? Dark imagery like “American Beauty/American Psycho”? A video that has almost nothing to do with the actual song like that of “Irresistible”? The possibilities were endless and fairly varied.

The “Uma Thurman” video chooses to go in its own direction. It follows Sarah, contest winner, who has become Fall Out Boy’s assistant for the day. Her experience involves karaoke, paintball, covering Patrick Stump in adorable baby animals, and a cameo from Panic! at the Disco lead singer Brendon Urie. Watch the video here:

On their tumblr, Fall Out Boy shared a few words about their latest release:

when people ask us what life is on the road or backstage- i always think of how they picture it in their head. that was the intent of the uma video to deliver fly on the wall look into our life backstage and at home only on steroids. not only did we want to show what it was like, we wanted to bring someone into our world so they could experience it too.

fall out boy has always been based on inclusion. if you dont fit in anywhere else you can fit in here.

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  • Mithila

    man i love fall out boy! this video was so different than what they did with the young blood chronicles–and THE BUNNIES. THE CHICKS. my heart cant take this