JoJo Unleashes the Tringle!


As the world waited with bated breath, JoJo unleashed her tringle (aka released three singles at the same damn time). When the world has been waiting seven+ long years for new music to be released, one doesn’t simply release ONE song–nope! A girl releases THREE (Ha, Jaquen H’ghar, anyone?).

After the label drama and signing with Atlantic Records, JoJo is serving us some BOMBASTIC pop songs: “When Love Hurts,” a house-infused record that’s headed to radio; “Say Love,” a soulful, pop call-to-action ballad; lastly, “Save My Soul,” a song about “love or other drugs” as JoJo puts it, is probably my favorite because I love those vocal arrangements, man!

Check the tringle below and hit me up on Twitter so we can discuss!



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  • Ashley R.

    This article made my day! Jojo was one of my favorite singers in high school, her songs were the best and so much fun to sing in the car ride to school or while doing homework, she is an awesome singer and I am beyond excited about her new songs and her return to singing! Welcome back Jojo!!