Interview: Demo Taped Talks About EP and Upcoming Tour


Atlanta, Georgia has a growing music scene that’s home to a variety of artists, including the young up-and-comer, Adam Alexander (otherwise known as Demo Taped.) From producing, writing his own music and composing remixes for other artists, he’s already done it all. We got a chance to chat with him before his upcoming tour with Wet where he discussed his EP, what musically inspires him and what he’s looking forward to the most on his upcoming tour.

TYF: I have to first say that the name Demo Taped is quite interesting. It’s straightforward yet mysterious and vague. When did you know that Demo Taped was the name you were going to be called in the music industry?

Demo Taped: I came up with Demo Taped because demos get sent to labels all of the time and publishers and no one ever listens to demos that get sent to them. I wanted to take something that didn’t have a voice and give it one.

TYF: Artists who felt like they didn’t have a voice and have dealt with obstacles, what sort of obstacles did you face when trying to get your music out there and how did you overcome them?

Demo Taped: To be honest, I didn’t try to get my music out there as much as I should. I made an EP which was actually for a girl so that was the story behind the EP. But after seeing how much people enjoyed my music, I want to now get more involved. In the beginning, it wasn’t about getting heard and my music out there, really. It was more so for the girl.

TYF: But we’ve seen people embrace your music quite quickly and received a good amount of success. As a young artist, what has it felt like so far so early in your career?

Demo Taped: It’s been wonderful, you know. I’m now more driven because there are people out there who enjoy. I have fun making what I do. I get excited and passionate and hope that people continue to enjoy the music I put out there. I am definitely more driven.

TYF: How did you get into music? Was there a specific moment in your life that you can pinpoint when you knew this was what you were meant to do?

Demo Taped: When I got the warm reception that I did with my music thus far, that’s when I knew it was definitely something more than just a hobby. Up until that moment, I kind of just saw music as a side thing that I did. But it’s been incredible and the quick embrace of my music has been great.

TYF: I saw that you’ve had your hand in producing and writing your own music. How do you balance the two and do you prefer one over the other?

Demo Taped: Right now, it’s a combination of writing and producing. It started off as more so producing and getting a track close to being done. Then putting in the vocals and filling the rest out later. Now, I’m experimenting creating the track and the lyrics at the same time and it’s creating a different effect.

TYF: Do you have any favorite producers at the moment?

Demo Taped: My favorite producers would have to be Flying Lotus. But one of my inspirations would have to be Jimi Hendrix; he’s one of the longest and most influential inspirations that I’ve had.

TYF: I know we’ve touched on your released EP. But are you currently working on a full album?

Demo Taped: Yeah, I’m currently working a couple of things. But right now, my album is in its early stages, so there’s no release date as of now.

TYF: You’re about to go on tour with Wet. How did this opportunity come about?

Demo Taped: My booking agent is really amazing and my management is really great. They talked to the right people and got to great opportunity for me together.

TYF: Have you met Wet prior to the tour coming together?

Demo Taped: I haven’t yet. It’ll actually be my first time meeting them in-person.

TYF: What is your favorite part of performing for your fans?

Demo Taped: Engaging the audience and getting them to move is my favorite part, especially since my music is so new and not many people is familiar with my music yet.

TYF: What can fans expect from your set as you tour with Wet?

Demo Taped: A lot of energy and excitement. I want to spread positivity through my music. I want people to leave with a good memory and good experience after listening to my music live.

TYF: I’ve noticed that your music streams a lot from positivity and an overall good message. Is there are inspiration or reason in wanting to spread that positive vibe?

Demo Taped: I think the influence really stems from what’s going on in the world. I think the world needs more positivity in it so I just wanted to continue that and bring it out to more people.

TYF: What music are you currently listening to now and who do you listen to while you’re on the road?

Demo Taped: What I really like to do while I’m on the road is create a playlist that’s based on each city that I visit. I did that on the previous tour I was a part of in Europe.

TYF: What was one of your favorite songs that you added to the playlist?

Demo Taped: The song called “Come and Get Your Love” consistently played in every city that I was visiting on tour and I had to add it to my playlist because the song stuck out to me. It was crazy how many places that the song was popping up.

TYF: I saw that you got to work with Bridgit Mendler. I love her music because it’s fun and edgy. But the “Atlantis” remix that you made for her brought out a softer side to her music. First, how did that opportunity come about and second, what was it like getting to work with her? Were you a fan of her music before working with her?

Demo Taped: This actually came through my management and I got the offer to do it. I love the original song so it was exciting to get to work on doing a remix. But my approach when it comes to doing remix and just overall producing is to create something that’s out of the comfort zone. I like to take things and just flip them to the point where it still works but it’s a different feel and approach and something that changes it up a bit.

TYF: And speaking on this particular remix, did you get to work with Bridgit Mendler directly?

Demo Taped: It was more remotely working and conversing through emailing. But she’s a great person and it would be cool to work with her in the future.

TYF: What advice do you have for other young artists who are trying to breaking into the music industry?

Demo Taped: Think outside of the box and stand out as much as you can. Don’t fake it. Be yourself and try something different. Be as creative as possible. There are no boundaries. You can do anything so just go for it and don’t be afraid to do it. Put your whole energy and everything you have when doing it.

TYF: Lastly, where can people find out more about you and your music?

Demo Taped: I started using SoundCloud since the beginning so that’s the best place where fans can find new music first. But I’m also on Facebook, Twitter and the other social media platforms as well.


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