Interview: CAPPA Talks About Touring with Matt Wertz


Carla Cappa, otherwise known as CAPPA, is one of the up-and-comers in the music industry that everyone should keep an eye on. The singer-songwriter brings a unique flavor of pop to the Nashville music scene that music lovers quickly gravitate towards. We got a chance to chat with her as she tours with Matt Wertz and got to learn more about her writing process, her new EP and more.

TYF: During the start of your career, you went as Carla Cappa and did EDM/dance music. What caused you to change direction and what did the rebranding from Carla Cappa to CAPPA feel like?

CAPPA: I actually did a bunch of different styles of music before settling on the indie-pop style that I’m doing now. I started playing music at the age of seven, so I tried a bunch of styles out and went through a lot of phases. I was in a couple of bands and did pop/rock for a long time before transitioning to pop/dance. It wasn’t really an intentional rebranding as it was just growing up and figuring out who you are and what you want to portray artistically.

TYF: What were your fans’ reactions to the rebranding? 

CAPPA: Everyone has been super supportive! My fans are amazing and I try to support them as much as they support me. 

TYF: Since living in Nashville, how has the city inspired you and your music?

CAPPA: It’s an amazing city but also a very difficult one, because there are so many people going after the same thing. It can be really encouraging, but it can also take a little bit of time to figure out what you want to do and how to stand out. Everyone is working really hard in Nashville and it definitely has made me continue to push harder.

TYF: Who are your musical inspirations?

CAPPA: I have so many! Currently, I’m really into Broods, Jarryd James, Purity Ring and Jon Bellion.

TYF: What’s your writing process like and how did you find your rhythm and sound as an artist?

CAPPA: I’ve been writing since I was little so it’s always just come fairly naturally to me. Sometimes I’ll just write on a piano, sometimes I’ll write to a track–it’s always different!

TYF: I am legit obsessed with your songs “Next Ex” and “Hey Hi Hello.” Can you tell us a little bit about those tracks and the stories/inspiration behind them?

CAPPA: Thank you! Well, “Next Ex,” I came up with the idea for the track when I was in high school and always kept it in the back of my mind. I was waiting until I had the right inspiration to write it, though. It’s just talking about how fickle relationships can be sometimes, and I’m basically making fun of myself in the song.

“Hey Hi Hello” I wrote about a road trip me and three of my best friends took last summer. We were all kind of heartbroken for different reasons and we drove out to California and then across the U.S. It was life changing.

TYF: You released your music video for your song “I’m Good.” What was it like shooting the music video?

CAPPA: It was so much fun! My best friends were in it with me so we just kind of goofed around the whole time. We wanted it to feel like me and the best way to do that is just to have fun when you’re shooting.

TYF: You’re currently on tour with Matt Wertz. What’s it like touring with him?

CAPPA: Matt is so amazing. He is a wonderful musician and also a wonderful person, so it’s been a great experience. He encourages me a lot because he has made a career for himself for over 10 years and has kept the most amazing fans. It’s very inspiring to see all he does and how hard he works. 

TYF: What have been some of your favorite moments from the tour so far? Any favorite cities?

CAPPA: I loved Seattle and Portland! In Portland we ended up loading out on the set of “Grimm” and they had to retake the whole shot because we were all like, dragging drum cases down the street!

TYF: Do you have any rituals you like to do before going on stage?

CAPPA: I actually don’t! I just usually like to warm up before I go on. 

TYF: What are some songs you like to listen to on the road?

CAPPA: I’ve been listening to a lot of Jon Bellion, Broods, Jarryd James, Purity Ring and Bon Iver. I have a lot of time on the road, though, so my personal playlist is over 250 songs. 

TYF: I’m so sad that I just missed your San Francisco concert. Any plans of visiting the Bay Area anytime soon? 

CAPPA: I’m bummed also! No plans as of now, but I am trying to get back as soon as possible!

TYF: Lastly, where can our readers check out more of your music and stay up-to-date?

CAPPA: All of my music is on Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes! I’m also really active on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, so they can always find me there.

You can catch her on tour with Matt Wertz and with special guest Aaron Krause on the following dates:


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