Interview: Adam Sanders Talks About His New Single “About To”


Adam Sanders is a Florida native whose early upbringing in music got him to where he is today. Currently living in Nashville, this up-and-comer has had tremendous success thus far in his career. This singer/songwriter has written songs for big name country artists such as Luke Bryan and Scotty McCreery. We got a chance to chat with Adam about his music, the Nashville music scene and more.

TYF: You started performing pretty early on in your life. What sparked your interest to get into music?
Adam Sanders: I honestly think it was just something that was born in me. Music has been a huge part of my life as far back as I can remember. My mom likes to tell people that I could sing before I could talk…ha.

TYF: When did you know you wanted to move to Nashville to pursue music?
Sanders: I would say that moving to Nashville became a real thought when I was in middle school or so. I starting singing at such a young age that moving to Music City was sort of a life long goal and so I basically was just waiting to graduate high school to make the move.

TYF: How has the music scene in Nashville influenced your music and career thus far?
Sanders:Pretty early on after moving to Nashville, I was very fortunate to find myself in the right group of friends. Some of the first people I meant after moving were guys like Cole Swindell, Jon Pardi and Chase Rice, who are all guys I’m still friends with today. That’s the great thing about Nashville I think is any given night there’s something going on and it gives you the ability to go out and make friends first and then you look up a few years later and you’re all making your mark in the music business and working together.

TYF: You’ve had quite the success early on in your career. What was it like getting to hear Luke Bryan sing your song “Out Like That” on his album,Crash My Partyand how did you get this opportunity?
Sanders: It’s indescribable, really. “Out Like That” is a song I wrote with Cole Swindell and Aaron Goodvin which happened to be the very first song I wrote at my publishing companies office, Big Yellow Dog, after signing my publishing deal with them. Cole happened to be out on the road with Luke one weekend and played him the song and I guess Luke flipped out and said he wanted to record it.

I’ll never forget the day I happened to be writing with Cole and his producer Michael Carter at Sony Tree when Cole gets a call from Luke and said they were getting ready to track “Out Like That” and told us all to come down to listen if we wanted. We obviously ran to the truck and got to the studio as fast as we could. Just as we were walking in, I remember Luke smiling and giving me a hug as he said “congratulations on your first cut as a songwriter, buddy.” To have your first cut by the biggest artist in country music and for him to be so kind says a lot about Luke as a person and made the whole experience just that much sweeter.

TYF:What was your reaction when you heard a song that you wrote sung live for the first time?
Sanders: I’m not sure this was the first time I heard a song I had written sung live but the one that sticks out in my mind very early on was when Cole was opening for Luke at the Bridgestone Arena here in Nashville and just before singing “Ain’t Worth The Whiskey” he said something along the lines of “This one goes out to my buddy and co-writer of this song, Adam Sanders.” I had no idea he was going to call me out in front of twenty thousand people so I was pretty much in shock. I think through the whole song I was trying not to cry…ha.

TYF: Do you have any future collaborations with other country singers that fans can look forward to?
Sanders: I’ve got a song in the running for my buddy Adam Craig’s debut album called “A Few Cans Short Of A Six Pack” that I wrote with him and Jon Edwards that I’m really excited about. It’s one that me and Adam always talk about when we see each other and I’m just honored to have a song that could potentially be on his very first album. It’s always sweeter I think when you get to work with your friends and Adam is a guy that I’ve known for a long time and I can’t wait to see where his career goes in the coming months.

TYF: How did the opportunity to get to tour with Eric Paslay come about?
Sanders: You know I’m not really sure. Eric is someone that I’ve looked up to in this business for a really long time and thrilled to be sharing the stage with him this fall. To me he’s the ultimate triple treat. He can not only sing them, but he can write them and play them. Not many people can do all three.

TYF: What do music do you like to listen while you’re on tour?
Sanders: Honestly, I listen to everything. Country music is and will always be my first love so I try to keep up with everything in the genre, but I also listen to some pop, rock and rap stuff from time to time to draw inspiration from. Last fall while out on the Down Home Tour with Cole Swindell, me and my band got hooked on the band The 1975 and jammed their music all tour long.

TYF: What was it like sharing the stage with country stars such as Luke Bryan and Eric Paslay?
Sanders: It’s always an honor. My job as an opening act is to get the fans as fired up as I can for the headliner so each night we just try to go out and do that. I’m just thankful that guys like Luke and Eric trust me and my band enough with their fans to get them on their feet early!

TYF: Do you have any new music coming out that fans should be on the lookout for?
Sanders:Oh yeah, we just released the new single “About To” and hopefully we have an EP coming later this year. It’s been a long time coming but can’t wait for fans to hear the new music.

TYF: Lastly, where can fans listen to your music and learn more about you?
Sanders: SpotifyiTunes and Pandora is where you can find my music and I’m on all social media sites!


You can catch Adam Sanders on tour with Eric Paslay:

October 19th: Tulsa, OK @ Cain’s Ballroom
November 3rd:Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues
November 4th:Tiffin, OH @ Ritz Theatre
November 5th:Carlisle, PA @ Carlisle Theatre
November 6th:Columbus, OH @ The Bluestone

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