Hispanic Heritage: 10 Songs That Make Us Proud #OrgullosoDeSer

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This is part of a sponsored campaign with DiMe Media and Coca-Cola. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

For people that come from Hispanic/Latino culture, there is a sense of pride that comes with our language, being able to tell stories generation after generation about the journey of our ancestors that remains with us today. Our last names could very well serve as our own personal recorded history because they represent a story only we know and that future generations must carry on.

The same way that our language tells a story, there is no better way to connect to our culture than through music. Our songs can bring back memories from a specific moment in time, they can tell a story when words aren’t enough, they can capture a feeling, especially the feeling of pride.

Here are 10 songs that make us proud of our roots:

Hoy” by Gian Marco is a cover of Gloria Estefan’s song, but resonates a lot with Peruvians. Gian Marco’s cover is simply amazing.
La Gozadera” by Gente De Zona and Marc Anthony is all about waving your flag and being proud of where you come from.
La Tierra by Ehymosis. Right before Juanes was in the spotlight, he was a member of this Colombian band that sang about loving and embracing the place where you were born.
Puerto Rico” by Frankie Ruiz, El Papá de la Salsa, this song is basically a Boricua anthem
Que Bonita Eres” by Olga Tañon and Oscar D’León sing about how great and beautiful Venezuela is.
Color Esperanza” by Diego Torres. Every time I think of Argentina it reminds me of this song and the message of overcoming fears and being hopeful for the future.
Latinoamérica” by Calle 13, Totó La Momposina. By far, one of my favorite songs that encapsulates Latino culture as a whole. Our struggles as a community and how against all odds, we still keep moving forward.”Soy lo que me enseño mi padre/el que no quiere a su patria no quiere a su madre. Soy América latina, /un pueblo sin piernas pero que camina.
Por Si Acaso No Regreso” by Celia Cruz. La Guarachera de Cuba shares the sentiment that many Cubans have to go through when they had to leave their land.
Mexico Lindo y Querido” by Vicente Fernandez. An ode to Mexico originally written by Jorge Negrete and interpreted by El Rey de la Canción.
Mi Pueblo” by Fernando Villalona. Even when he had to move from the Dominican Republic, he still remembers his country and yearns to go back.
La Tierra del Olvido” by Carlos Vives. I had to add this one because i for any immigrant that has to move from their homeland, you know that your country holds they keys to your heart and will always be waiting for you.

I’m sure I’ve missed some great songs, but let me know in the comments which ones you’d like to be featured!

Just like music, my culture and especially my last name make me really proud, watch this short video where I tell you my story:

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