Here’s The Thing About MTV Classic…


If you haven’t heard yet, Viacom axed the VH1 Classic channel and transitioned into MTV Classic on August 1st – a small birthday gift to the network which first launched 35 years ago, on that date. I guess years of hearing “I Want My MTV!” actually pulled off because here we are in 2016, bringing back shows that the majority of people would love to re-watch. Think of it as Nickelodeon debuting ‘The Splat’ or Cartoon Network airing ‘Adult Swim.’ It’s slightly obvious that this type of content is drawn to the generations who actually glued their heads to the television versus their handheld tech.

The majority of the content airing today is what made MTV such a household name for so many of us. For years, we’ve heard celebrities constantly poke fun at the network for hardly playing any music but now with MTV Classic, I don’t think I’ve seen this much music play on the channel since I was a kid.

Here’s the thing about MTV Classic…The top viewers of this channel would be the cult followings and anyone who grew up during MTV’s prime. (Let’s be honest, I think the only thing holding up the network now is Teen Wolf, Catfish and occasional award shows. So I wouldn’t necessarily say MTV is at its best but it’s still enjoyable! Just not as much as it was before.) It seems like every big network has heard the cries of almost every 18-35 year old wishing to see the “good ‘ol shows,” and they delivered.

We can now watch Daria, Beavis & Butt-head, and actual music videos in the comfort of our own home without needing to stream everything 24/7! So far, it seems to be doing a pretty steady job of airing just the right amount of television shows versus music. Props, MTV. But, the day you start adding anything later than 2005 to your TV schedule, I’m out.

There are quite a few shows I’m waiting to trickle into their feed such as 2gether: The Series, Undressed, Singled Out or even The Tom Green Show! Not sure why they’re lacking on bringing that in the mix but I sure as hell know there are people who would freak out to see those series’ on the small screen again. And, if they ever decide to bring the 30 minute long Total Request Live episodes rather than airing Total Request Playlist, I’m crossing my fingers they’ll one day reboot that show altogether. Please make it happen, Carson Daly.

What do you guys think about the new network? Let us know below!

Ash is a teenager trapped in a twenty-three year old body. She owes everything she's learned to Lizzie McGuire, Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Unfabulous. She's a pop culture fanatic so yeah, she tend to pray to the entertainment lords begging for MTV to finally hire her. When she's not updating her dog with her life stories, she tweets some pretty cool things from time to time.