Heavenly Sounds from Coleman Hell



We’re definitely of one mind after hearing Coleman Hell’s “2 Heads.”  It’s good.

The Toronto-based musician released the track this past February and it’s finally receiving the high acclaim it deserves.  The indie tune is music to our ears and is very easy to listen to.  It features folktronic elements as well as EDM influences.  “2 Heads” has peaked at fifth on the US Alternative Music chart and the song is a part of the singer’s EP, Coleman Hell, also released this year.

Hell has signed to Columbia records this year and is expected to drop a full album sometime next year.  He is currently touring with Robert DeLong, a popular EDM artist.  Originally part of a duo, Burnz N Hell, the songwriting producer moved on to greater success with his first EP, Vena.  His debut album is predicted to be titled Srry Bout Last Nite and feature the same folktronic sound as his recent single.

Hopefully Hell will produce more heavenly sounds for us to praise.


Malaika is an avid coffee drinker, chronic daydreamer, born again Christian, and master at all things awkward. She attends CUNY Queens and is on the volleyball team. She's a comical blend of insane athlete and pathetic klutz. She loves all things music related and loves nothing more than to completely lose herself in a song. She likes to play her guitars and to post YouTube covers. Her dream is to someday do something with music and writing whatever that may be.