Halsey Hits the Jackpot with “Badlands” Release


That’s all that came to mind after hearing Halsey’s album, Badlands, for the first time.

So far the singer’s debut studio album is an absolute smash hit and boasts a five star rating on iTunes.  The ten track album was released this past Friday and has been all the rage on social media.  The response to the long-awaited release only solidifies the up-and-coming songstress’ place in the industry.  Ashley Frangipane, also known as Halsey, signed to Astralwerks in 2014 and has been a viral hit, especially amongst the teenage crowd, ever since.  Her music is compared to that of Lana Del Rey and Marian Hill with interesting electro-pop vibes and layers of audio.

The alternative-pop album features an incredibly gritty sound with a ton of depth.  Tracks like “Castle” and “Haunting” give off a particularly moody vibe that the singer is most noted for.  All the tracks are distinctly unique and yet the entire album remains completely cohesive.  Halsey has expressed that one goal her team had during production was to create a sense of space and really experiment with different musical textures.  The result seems to have left listeners in awe.

She may have emerged from the “badlands,” but things definitely seem to be looking up for the singer.  If recent success with her debut album is any indication, we’ll be hearing more good things from Halsey in the future.


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