Green Day Release New Single “Bang Bang”

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Did you hear that rumbling Green Day fans? That’s the sound of the excitement at what might be the first real promising song the band has released since 2004’s all timer, American Idiot. Yes, yes, “21 Guns” was a rather fun little tune but it was a mere reverberating echo of songs such as “Jesus of Suburbia” and “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”, a shell of what made those songs such instant hits. The less said about Uno!, Dos! and Tre! the better. Since those albums, the group has been on a bit of a prolonged hiatus do to personal issues.

And now they’re back, and this longtime fan is excited to hear a song after long last that hints at something fresh from the band when it would seem there was nothing new left for a band that’s been working together for nearly 30 years. The drums hit hard, exploding like bullets to accompany the lyrics that take on the point of view of a mass shooter. Billie Joe Armstrong’s vocals are as crisp as they’ve ever been, sitting almost apart from the rest of the musicality of the song but coming together to create something of the American Idiot vein that anything either newer or older then the tent pole album.

Who knows if this one song will be indicative of whatever the album is to follow but we can cross our fingers that this is just the band scratching the surface at some revitalized creativity. The new album will be released October 7 and is entitled Revolution Radio.

I’m excited and I can’t help myself, how about you?

Listen to the song below on Spotify and head over to the band’s official Facebook to view the lyric video.

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