Foxtrax on the Fast Track

foxtrax 2

Two brothers, a pal, faded Chucks, and tree climbing sessions.

Sounds like a sequel to The Outsiders right?

The story of these fellows begins in Oceanside, NY.  Jared Stenz (26), Jon Stenz (23), and Ben Schneid (23) became close friends in high school but pursued separate musical ventures in college.  The three combined forces in early 2015 to form the indie band Foxtrax.  Since then, the band has been playing local shows across Long Island and New York City at high profile venues like 89 North and Pianos.  Foxtrax has been featured as a TurnStyle Music Group Spotlight Act and was interviewed on 91.9 WSHR.

Schneid and the Stenzs have succeeded in producing a unique sound comprised of classic rock elements and raw alternative rock.  The unsigned trio’s long anticipated EP, The Cabin, was written in Murphy, North Carolina, recorded at Vinegar Hill Sound in Brooklyn, and is scheduled to drop August 28th at their Mercury Lounge release party.  Jon takes pride in the EP’s creation process, saying, “We tracked most of the songs live; it’s just more organic that way.”  The band leads by example and stresses their motto of “following your foxtrax.”

So maybe patterned button downs, home-brewed Israeli coffee, and boardwalk jam sessions don’t belong in an Outsiders sequel, but one thing is for sure: as an up-and-coming band, Foxtrax is definitely leaving their imprint.

Malaika is an avid coffee drinker, chronic daydreamer, born again Christian, and master at all things awkward. She attends CUNY Queens and is on the volleyball team. She's a comical blend of insane athlete and pathetic klutz. She loves all things music related and loves nothing more than to completely lose herself in a song. She likes to play her guitars and to post YouTube covers. Her dream is to someday do something with music and writing whatever that may be.