Feeling Blue with City and Colour


It’s hard not to turn green with envy after hearing the talents of folk artist City and Colour.

The Canadian musician, also known as Dallas Green, is due to drop his album, If I Should Go Before You, this Friday, October 9th.  The much anticipated record was preceded by the release of the single “Woman” in July.  He operates under Dine Alone Records and has already released four albums since 2004, each of which has gone platinum in Canada.

Green is known for his melancholy tunes that feature distinct acoustic melodies.  The singer has a long history of writing such strains since the age of fourteen.  He has amassed a steady following who are able to relate to his sad themes and groove to his indie jams.  In 2006 he won the People’s Choice award for Favorite Artist for his single “Save Your Scissors.”

Needless to say, we’re holding our breath with excitement to finally hear the entirety of If I Should Go Before You.  Though the album’s title may drop our mood, the sound is sure to perk our ears. Anyways, sometimes when you’re down it just doesn’t feel right to listen to “Happy.”  Maybe next time, Pharrell.

Malaika is an avid coffee drinker, chronic daydreamer, born again Christian, and master at all things awkward. She attends CUNY Queens and is on the volleyball team. She's a comical blend of insane athlete and pathetic klutz. She loves all things music related and loves nothing more than to completely lose herself in a song. She likes to play her guitars and to post YouTube covers. Her dream is to someday do something with music and writing whatever that may be.