Every Backstreet Boys Music Video, Ranked


It’s hard to go near the subject of boy bands without mentioning the Backstreet Boys. The Orlando-based vocal group was an integral pillar of the ‘90s pop machine and continues to succeed today. This year marks the 20th anniversary of their début Backstreet Boys, and the band shows no sign of stopping anytime soon; in fact, they’re currently working on their eighth studio album. That much music means that they’ve left a plethora of music videos in their wake–some better than others. From the snoozer performance video “Drowning”, to high concept selections like “The Call”, or “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back),” here’s our ranking of every Backstreet Boys music video.

  1. “DROWNING” (2001)

Straight performance video in which the band sings in a dramatic way outside of some monuments and a church. Yawn.

  1. “INCONSOLABLE” (2007)

“Inconsolable” is the first video they did without Kevin (during what we call, “The Lost Years”), though it doesn’t look very different from the rest of the performance-based videos. This one has a blue filter, features an eclipse, and doesn’t leave much of an impression in its wake. Womp.


This one looks a lot like both “Incomplete” and “Inconsolable,” only this time the band is hanging out in Joshua Tree National Park. It provides for pretty visuals and a slightly more memorable video than the others–but not much.

  1. “MORE THAN THAT” (2001)

A performance video where they flip between the desert and the high-speed traffic footage (think the “2 Become 1” video) on a giant screen while the boys sing. Occasionally, AJ drives a convertible. This was the video that kicked off a string of straight performance videos of the boys in various locales.

  1. “IN A WORLD LIKE THIS” (2013)

Kevin returns! And so does the desert backdrop! It’s an uplifting song with a bright video. Shots of the band are interspersed with images of couples watching the Moon landing, 9/11, and the overturn of Prop 8 on television.

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