Concert Review: The Hunna – “The Fillmore, San Francisco – 11/3/16″


It was absolutely 100 when British rock band The Hunna took the stage just before The Struts on Tuesday, November 3rd at the Fillmore in San Francisco. Performing in front of a sold out audience that slowly trickled in throughout their set was an easy feat for the four members. I mean, they’re used to playing in front of a much more massive crowd so this must have been a cake walk.

While the band was setting up their stage to perform, you can clearly point out the true fans of the band. Drunk. Woo-ing. Screaming “PLAY SHE’S CASUAL” only every other five minutes. (Spoiler alert: They played the song) Plus, those true dedicated fans were smack dab in front of the stage where I happened to stand as well. It’s the best place to be if you really like an artist but it’s NOT the place to be if you’re not into having inebriated people push into you every five seconds. But you know, I digress. I can’t hate on them. The Hunna rarely makes their way to the Bay so heck, go all out for all I care.

They started off their set with “We Could Be” followed by about nine to ten songs off their latest album “100” which they put out this past August. Thanks to The Young Folks, I was introduced to the band and had the chance to listen to the whole album religiously just in time for the show. The best thing about it was that they sounded exactly the same in person as they do in recording. I absolutely LOVE when that happens because more often than I prefer, I’ve had the most disappointing experiences where the artist just doesn’t wow me on stage. I’m looking at you, New Found Glory…

In between each songs, lead singer and guitarist Ryan Potter casually chatted with the crowd while half the crowd was eagerly waiting for The Struts to come on while the other half were waiting to hear what else the band had to offer. They eventually went through “Piece by Piece”, “Rock My Way”, their title song “Bonfire” and closed with “Bad For You.” Apparently they’ve been getting a lot of love on the airwaves with a couple of their tracks in rotation but I have yet to hear them on my local alternative station. If you’re a first time listener, I reckon you should listen to “Bonfire” or “Piece by Piece” first.

Ryan Potter fronted the stage with lead guitarist Dan Dorney and bassist Jermaine Angin on either side of him all while drummer Jack Metcalfe controlled the back of the stage. Since it was their first time in San Francisco, I think it’s safe to say they left an impression on their audience. The Struts and The Hunna are fairly similar so any fan of The Struts will enjoy the other.

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