Brandon Flowers prepares new album + releases new single, ‘I Still Want You’


Brandon Flowers is making a comeback people! The Killers frontman is ready to release his second solo album entitled The Desired Effect due out on May 18th. Following up 2010’s Flamingo, it seems like this new record might have a new rhythm. The 11-tracks of the album are:

  1. Dreams Come True
  2. Can’t Deny My Love
  3. I Can Change
  4. Still Want You
  5. Between Me And You
  6. Lonely Town
  7. Digging Up The Heart
  8. Never Get You Right
  9. Untangled
  10. Love The Way It’s Always Been
  11. The Desired Effect

Just a few weeks ago, Flowers unveiled  “Cant’s Deny My Love” as the lead single, tune that has a 70 and 80’s disco vibe with a very catchy chorus.  You can watch the video below:

Just a few days ago (and after a lot of teasing in social media), “I Still Want You” was released as a second single with a very peculiar black and white video. In it, we can see Flowers clapping, dancing, and singing a very upbeat and happy pop-soul song proclaiming his love to a certain someone, no matter what the circumstances are. Watch it below:

The Desired Effect will also feature guest appearances from Flowers’ bandmate Ronnie Vannucci, Haim’s Danielle Haim, Dirty Projectors’ Angel Deradoorian and Pet Shop Boys’ Neil Tennant.

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