Artist Feature: The Maine


The Maine is an American rock band from Tempe, Arizona (not Maine, just saying). The band consists of John O’Callaghan (Lead Vocals), Garrett Nickelsen (Bass), Pat Kirch (Drums), Kennedy Brock (Guitar and Vocals), and Jared Monaco (Guitar). These guys are collectively not only talented but down to Earth. They recently finished their North American leg of their American Candy Tour with Real Friend, Knuckle Puck, and Technicolor. They have been touring for eight years and you can sense their strong friendship and vibe on stage when they perform.

During their set, they performed tracks from their new album, American Candy, while including hits from their previous albums. One of my personal favorites being Right Girl. From the guitar grooves to the rock rhythm, their music always had an underlying hint of pop. However you sense the gradual progression in their music as their current album has more of that pop sound. Their album, American Candy, speaks on American society and how we view ourselves. Their strong message in the album not only carries depth, but resonates with a wide audience. One of their tracks, “24 Floors,” speaks about what it is like to feel so alone and contemplating if it is  time it give up on everything. But as the song progresses, it reminds us how we should not give up; instead we should take a deep breath and remember the good times and what is to come. This track will and has connected with fans alike and reminds us that there is so much more left to experience in life.


One of my favorite tracks is “Miles Away,” which was inspired by a trip that John, the lead singer, took up the coast from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Not only did it struck a chord with me because I am a San Franciscan native, but also for the reasons of loving to travel and get lost. There is something so peaceful and yet thrilling when it comes to getting lost, especially seeing the coast, and this track captures that. Ever since I heard”Miles Away,” it has been on repeat ever since. The track captures the beauty of the California coast and the need for a change of scenery. It is the perfect track to add on your playlist on your next road trip.

You can listen to the track below and for more information on The Maine, check them out at


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