Alessia Cara’s New Album is Here


This past Friday Cara dropped her heavily anticipated debut album, Know-It-All.  The record exhibits ten tracks and a rich, soulful vibe.  Cara’s single, “Here,” was a massive summer 2015 hit and put her name on the map.  The Canadian songstress boasts a unique sound composed of R&B and pop influences which brought much recognition to her EP, Four Pink Walls, released by Def Jam this past August.

Although the nineteen year-old is known for her songwriting capabilities and enthusiasm for the production process, some critics fear the teen is being groomed too much, too fast.  Writer Jonah Bromwich voices, “The speed at which Cara is being groomed and prompted to put out new releases feels distasteful if sadly not unfamiliar, something like an AAU prospect being coaxed to go pro before he’s entirely ready.”  Nonetheless, we can be comforted that Cara and her team assert her involvement in the creative process.  In fact, it was Cara who initially pressed for the release of “Here” which can only attest to her intuitiveness for industry success.

All this aside, it only takes one listen to her album to realize that Cara clearly knows exactly what she’s doing.

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