Album Review: Bastille – “Wild World”

Bastille Cover

Hey, do you need an album to make you experience all types of feelings? I highly recommend Bastille’s sophomore album, Wild World. Last Friday, the Grammy nominated indie rock band released the follow up to Bad Blood. Finally, am I right? It’s been a whopping three years since we heard new music from the group! This past June, we got a small taste of what was to come with their latest single, “Good Grief.” The wait is now over y’all.

The 19-track record covers topics on love, politics, inner demons and more. Sure, it’s great and easy to get caught up with screaming out the lyrics and bobbing your head along with the melodies without giving a second thought… BUT when you’re given an album that punches society in the face, you can’t just turn the other cheek right away. As much as I’d love to sift through every single song and explain to you why it’s great or interesting, here are five songs I recommend to get you started:

“The Currents”
This is pretty much a huge “FU” and “WTF” to politicians who leave the rest of us hanging by a thread wondering what the hell is going on in the world. As much as we don’t want to believe what’s happening, this is real. As in, there’s a huge possibility Donald Trump could be our president (Sorry to throw some politics in here but c’mon). “The currents” Bastille refers to is a metaphor of being swept up in so much unbelievable news that we need to take a breather. “Oh my god, my god. I can’t quite believe my ears.” “How can you think you’re serious? Do you even know what year it is? I can’t believe the scary points you make.”

“An Act of Kindness
How often do we expect something in return when you do a kind act? Somehow, for some reason, majority of society expects that if you do something kind, you’ll get good karma out of it automatically. This song focuses on someone who is troubled by this foreign idea that you don’t necessarily need to follow the “give something, get something” mentality.

We all live in the same “wild, wild world.” And, we all have that one person, maybe even a group of friends or something that is our getaway from reality. With so much turmoil happening in our lives, we can rely on that “thing” to shake or distract us from what we refuse to accept to see or happen.

“Fake It”
A great song when you really want to move forward with your significant other after going through a huge event that can ultimately change up the course of your relationship. As much as you want to think the moment never happened, you’ll just have to fake it until you make it.

This song is all about working on fighting your fears and demons no matter how much you don’t want to. We all have come a point in your life where you’d rather hide under a rock than conquering a huge obstacle. We can either let the snakes in our lives win and take control or you could confront the situation yourself.

Honorable mention: “Shame”
I can name about ten friends off the bat that I could dedicate this song to. Ever had a friend who you swore you’d be BFFs with until you pretty much die? But then out of nowhere, you grew apart? Some for the better, some for the worst? Okay, cool. Now blast this song.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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