Album Review: AlunaGeorge – “I Remember”


Aluna Francis and George Reid make up the electric… synth.. pop duo AlunaGeorge who made their huge debut a few years back with “You Know You Like It” which was one of the biggest crowd pleasers back in the day. Now they’re here again with a brand new 12 track album for us to dance to, cheer for and put on repeat until the holidays probably. With a few collaborations here and there, I Remember is most likely going to be an underrated album.

It’s already a given that many don’t know the two for their hard work other than presumably being apart of the EDM scene which is far from the truth. It just so happens all their associated acts get mixed in with the genre which doesn’t leave them a standing chance to be taken seriously (ex: DJ Snake, Diplo, Skrillex). Their music is much more than what meets the ear!

Behind the head bobbing, toe tapping melodies, I Remember delivers strong and often empowering lyrics in every two to three verses. Although each song undoubtedly falls into a string of repetitive lyrics that many pop songs are guilty of doing, it shouldn’t take away from the punch Aluna and George pack in just a few sentences when given the chance. We’re given songs like “In Control”, a statement to men that women like to be in control without sounding like an overbearing bitch, to “Mean What I Mean”, the simmered down version of Meghan Trainor’s “No.” With lyrics such as “I mean what I mean when I say so, Not trynna be mean when I say no, So don’t play a fool and twist my rules,” AlunaGeorge perfectly sums up what almost every woman is thinking when they’re on the dance floor. 

Of course, what’s an album without a track about relationships? “Mediator” will be the perfect fall back breakup song for your best friend and “I Remember” brings you back to the good times you’ve had with your ex. Also, following suit of many other artists who sing about their views on current social issues, “My Blood” takes a stab at challenging the upper class and the “higher ups” to join the middle class or the poor to see what it’s like to be in our shoes; to see how their actions and decisions have effected us. 

I guarantee you’ll hear more AlunaGeorge slowly creep up on the airwaves and into your “Recently Played” playlist. The two are currently on tour supporting Sia alongside Miguel which will hopefully open them up to a whole new fanbase. Give the album a try and let us know what you think.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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