A Panic! At The Disco Song for Every Day of the Week

Panic! At The Disco Songs for the Week

Lately, music seems to be the thing I use to get through the week. Driving in the car? Turn on the radio. Doing work? Play some Spotify. Home alone? Blast music until the neighbors get annoyed. Needless to say, I tend to focus on one band each week and go through all of their music to get me through the week. This week is Panic! At The Disco. Their music can get anyone through a rough week or bring more positivity to an already happy week. Here are songs from this punk rock band for every day of the week:


It’s the beginning of the week, and we all know we don’t want to get up in the morning and head off to work or school, so what better way to get you motivated than listening to “Nine in the Afternoon”? The peppy beat is something unusual for the band, and the contradictory lyric “Cause it’s nine in the afternoon” is not the strangest line in the song. But boy does it get your foot tapping, and that’s all anyone needs to get going. Plus, there’s an alarm clock sound at the beginning of the song and the music video has Brendon Urie waking up to this song. Apropos, no?


This is when you congratulate yourself on getting through Monday and survived another day without procrastinating too terribly. So, naturally, you want a more upbeat song. I present to you, the Panic! At The Disco classic, “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”. It opens you up to the world of their music gently and gives you a chance to sing/scream your heart out. Listening to this early on also gives you more time to get the catchy cello riff out of your head.


Death Of A Bachelor”, in all it’s melodramatic, is only so fitting for the middle. Hump Day, as it is so eloquently described, can make or break the rest of the week. So the lyrics that proclaim that the end of the bachelor life is imminent with a Sinatra-esque sound is a way to satisfy the emo side in us all, but get us over into Thursday.


This is an awkward kind of day of the week. Not much happens on Thursdays, right? But something is always happening with this band, so the closest match would be “Northern Downpour”. Subdued and folksy, it ‘s a good mood booster and an displays an era of P!ATD not often looked upon. “Hey moon, please forget to fall down/Hey moon, don’t you go down” is one of a couple obscure lines, but make this song even cuter. A perfect pick-me up for sure.


“Victorious” is really an anthem, and it’s a day full of anthems. “Single Ladies”, “Party Rock Anthem”, “Friday”-all of these have connotations with going out and letting loose, which is what this song is about (as well as some other tid-bits). It’s honestly an amazing motivational song, and if you want to get something done, this is your choice. And it doesn’t hurt it’s Friday.


Out of the seven days of the week, Saturday is the most fun. And out of all of the Panic! songs I could come up with, “Ready To Go” is exciting and pumped up. Perfect for jamming out to in your pajamas, it’s a more surface song-and sometimes we don’t always need a deep, meaningful lyric to decipher. It also might be familiar as it debuted in a Coke commercial awhile back. Its intent was to get viewers to groove and gets listeners to boogie as well.


Starting fresh and relaxed is *hopefully* the mood that you should be in before the work week starts, and “New Perspective” is what should be blasting from your stereos this day. Its style is nothing like their typical punk rock, going for a more pop feel, as it comes from a movie soundtrack. One of the least known songs by them, but this is worth a Sunday afternoon listen.

Reagan Harrison is a seventeen-year-old dancing queen, writer, photographer, and music lover. Practicing violin and writing poems keeps her busy when not listening to new music. She has a great love for snow, preppy fashion, and snickerdoodles. From Bastille to Dion and the Belmonts to Yo-Yo Ma, her music taste is as nothing short of eclectic. Her coffee order is a chai tea latte, and she can most often be found scrolling through Pinterest or thinking of new history puns.
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    This is a great list! And a great mood for each day of the week :)