Only the strong survive in the new ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ trailer


In the wake of superhero trailers such as Captain America Civil War and Batman V Superman, it’s easy to forget about other superhero properties. The folks over at FOX however will be dammed if we forget about X-Men: Apocalypse as they just released a brand spanking new trailer. For the most part this trailer gives us some of the same shots we’ve seen before but also some notable new ones.

Given the franchise is known for playing around with their timelines. It was great to see this trailer open up with a conversation between Xavier (James McAvoy) and Magneto (Michael Fassbender). Because that very same conversation is identical to the one Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and Magneto (Ian McKellen) had in the original X-Men way back in 2000.

Following that we catch a few new shots of Apocalypse, played by Oscar Issac. Whether it’s a flashback or some sort of intro for the film we see Apocalypse in Egypt and how he came to be. New and former members of the X-Men also appear such as Havoc, Cyclops and Beast. Thus showing us how powerful Apocalypse and his four horseman are that all the X-Men are needed.

Death also seems to be an apparent element for the film as Apocalypse is seen laying waste to everyone and everything including possibly Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence). Leaving its tag line “Only the strong will survive” ringing true.

X-Men: Apocalypse comes out May 27.

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