Watch the heartbreaking trailer for Audrie & Daisy

Pardon me as I breathe fire over the sentence “girls have as just as much culpability as boys” uttered by some urchin in this trailer because THAT kind of victim blaming is one of the many, many reasons that documentaries such as the upcoming Audrie & Daisy are both so integral to the nation wide discussion on rape culture. It’s also telling that after The Invisible War and The Hunting Ground that films that document the aftermath of sexual assault continue to be so poignant. I felt angry watching this trailer and knowing what happens to one of the girls the film is focusing on. This is an ongoing issue and I’m glad that, at the very least, Netflix is shining a light on it as well.

This isn’t going to be an easy watch and it shouldn’t be. Debuting at Sundance to raves, this is a movie that inspires you to yes, get a little angry and start moving forward to help find solutions and start conversations to put an end to what’s happening to victims all over the world.

Two different girls sexually assaulted on two different nights, in two different towns. Audrie & Daisy takes a hard look at the issues faced by America’s teenagers who are coming of age in the new world of social media bullying, spun wildly out of control.

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