Watch the first trailer for Frank & Lola starring Michael Shannon


Michael Shannon and Imogen Poots star as the title characters in Frank and Lola, the dark feature film debut from director Matthew Ross.  The film follows the shifting relationship of the titular characters through tangled webs of manipulation and revenge.  From the recently released trailer, the movie looks like an intense character study with the focus largely on the impressive acting of the two leads.  Michael Shannon, who is known for Boardwalk Empire and, more recently, Midnight Special, has the chance to play a complex and human character as Frank, a budding chef who falls at first for Lola’s charms, and then later falls into her deceptions and checkered past.  British actress Imogen Poots, who had promising comedic and horror turns, has thus far received very good reviews for her performance as Lola in the film.  Justin Long, of Tusk, also appears as Lola’s new boss.

In addition to well received lead performances, the trailer advertises beautiful settings in both Las Vegas and Paris, and a stylish soundtrack.  The film self describes as a psychosexual-noir-romance, but the score of the trailer, the neon title card, and the close-up of Shannon at a bar all hold a faint tinge of 70’s and 80’s crime films.

Simone is a contributor to The Young Folks.