Trailer: First look at book adaptation ‘A Monster Calls’

a monster callsThe novel A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness shattered me – but in a good way. I was left emotionally drained by the end, in awe of the author’s ability to portray such depth in so few words. I was curious as to how they would adapt the book, especially since it contains fantasy elements in an otherwise modern world. But with the author writing the screenplay, I was confident that this would be a worthy book-to-movie transition.

The story focuses on 12-year-old Conor whose mother is dying of cancer. His situation is compounded by bullies at school, an unsympathetic grandmother and a father who isn’t always in the picture. As an escape from his real-life woes, Conor delves into the world of magic and make-believe.

He finds an unlikely ally in the form of a monster from his nightmares who appears at his bedroom window; a monster that is ancient and wild, and one who will take Conor on a journey of faith and courage in search of the truth.

With an all-star cast including Liam Neeson as the voice of the monster, Felicity Jones as the mother and Sigourney Weaver as Conor’s grandmother, the movie is set to be a visually spectacular feast with a poignant premise.



A Monster Calls is set for release October 21st 2016.

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